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  1. motion smoothing
    ‘Filmmaker Mode’ a Potential Cure to the Motion Smoothing EpidemicSamsung, Philips/TP Vision, and Kaleidescape are the latest to add the feature.
  2. the future issue
    In 2029, Julia Roberts and Bette Davis Will Still Be Starring in New MoviesDigitally cloning and de-aging actors could be the future of Hollywood.
  3. alexa play pulp fiction
    Samuel L. Jackson to Invade Your Home As the New Voice of AlexaIntroducing Samuel Alexa Jackson.
  4. that slaps!
    Give Glenn Close an Oscar for Slapping Derren Brown in the Face on InstagramShe really knows how to pack a punch.
  5. shield your eyes
    Motion Smoothing Is Ruining CinemaFilmmakers hate it. Viewers do, too. So why is it the default setting on almost every new TV in America?
  6. 8 Texting Rules to (Not) FollowDon’t do the surprise video call. Please.
  7. celebrity
    Is This Woody Harrelson or Glenn Close?Hint: It’s Glenn Close.
  8. game review
    Crackdown 3 Is What It’d Feel Like If Netflix Made a Video GameIt’s a fun enough game, so long as you’re only paying $10 to play it through Xbox’s subscription service.
  9. technology
    Glenn Close Is Not Checking Her PhoneShe just keeps missing these nominations.
  10. tech
    Netflix Had to Create Ridiculously Complex Software for BandersnatchStefan would’ve gone crazy.
  11. trailer mix
    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Trailer: It’s a Deadly, Adaptation Hit FactoryOut tomorrow!
  12. artphone
    In Memoriam: Instagram Trends We Loved and LostPour one out for the Kelvin filter.
  13. artphone
    The Best Tool for Creativity on Your iPhone Might Just Be the Notes AppA Q&A with Chris Ritter, an artist who uses the Notes app to sketch.
  14. artphone
    Grid Anxiety: The Impossible Art of the Perfect Instagram PageNice photos are table stakes on Instagram. The real art — and terror — comes in arranging your grid.
  15. artphone
    Want to Use Instagram Stories Like a Real Influencer? Try These 4 Apps.Turns out all you need to con the world into thinking you’re living the influencer life are a couple of free apps and some patience.
  16. How Realistic Is the Ocean’s 8 Heist Tech?We consulted a spy expert to ask the important questions.
  17. marty!
    Martin Scorsese Continues to Fulfill His Destiny As Vine’s Sassiest CriticMarty baby, it’s already been shut down!
  18. technology!
    Justin Timberlake Will Not Be Joined By a Prince Hologram at the Super BowlNo purple rain … for now.
  19. Steven Soderbergh on Mosaic, Filmmaking, and the Weinstein Scandal“I would argue in a very basic way that it’s a completely different thing from a video game.”
  20. technology
    Ridley Scott Will Try to Convince You to Use Your Fax Machine Again“I still use fax. Steve Jobs used fax.”
  21. odd coincidences
    Isn’t It Weird the Logo in The Circle Looks Just Like Uber’s?Even weirder: The movie’s version seemingly came first.
  22. dystopias
    What American Movies Get Wrong About Tech Dystopias: We Love ThemThere’s something vaguely opiatic about our films’ insistence that we will all resist powerful tech companies.
  23. technology
    A History of the Phones of GirlsA tale told in iOS upgrades.
  24. ‘No Plans’ to Digitally Re-create Carrie Fisher Despite rumors to the contrary.
  25. Get to Know Your New Smartwatch!, by Dan Dillabough Health. Connectivity. Fitness. Peace of mind. And so much more. Your new smartwatch is here —and before long, you won’t remember how you ever […]
  26. bjork being bjork
    Watch Björk Livestreamed As a Giant Avatar “Technology is enabling women to work outside the already formed hierarchical systems.”
  27. techlandia
    App Will Alert You When Boys Don’t Cry DropsStill thinkin’ ‘bout you, all the time.
  28. how to plot a novel
    What Do Computers Know About Plot?Mapping stories with technology.
  29. how to plot a novel
    An Encyclopedia of Every Literary Plot, EverA far-from-comprehensive list of every archetype we know.
  30. technology
    Check Out This Simpsons Screenshot Search EngineThe cause of, and solution to, all your Simpsons screenshot-locating problems.
  31. trailer mix
    Sisters Is Star Wars for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Fans, a.k.a. YouThis video explains.
  32. Rediscovering Old Tech to Screen Hateful EightOstensibly because it’ll be so much fun, Jan!
  33. technology
    Mark Zuckerberg Vows to Kill Candy Crush Invites If It’s the Last Thing He Does“If this is the top thing that people care about, we’ll prioritize that and do it.”
  34. myth-busting
    5 Major Tech Myths Perpetuated by TV and FilmWe’re looking at you, SVU.
  35. ban phones
    B. Cumberbatch Would Prefer You Not Record Him“It’s mortifying.”
  36. SnapStream Express Launches TodayShows like Last Week Tonight and The Daily Show have long relied on SnapStream to find their juiciest news clips and quotes, and today the TV […]
  37. music
    Listening to Beyoncé With Avant-Garde Composer Holly HerndonWe also listened to Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen.”
  38. technology
    You Might Soon Be Able to Watch YouTube Videos Without AdsNo more ads!
  39. veganism
    Lil B Made You a Vegan Emoji AppDubbed vegEMOJI.
  40. technology
    Soon You’ll Be Able to Control the Music in Your Uber Using SpotifySchmaylor Schmift. 
  41. movies
    The New Hoverboards Are Nothing Like the Ones in Back to the FutureDon’t believe the hoverboard hype!
  42. music
    Apple Spent at Least $100 Million on That Free U2 AlbumIt costs a lot of money to do creepy and invasive things to people’s computers.
  43. modern fears
    Kanye West Fears Drones, Is Right to Fear Drones“Wouldn’t you like to just teach your daughter how to swim without a drone flying?”
  44. hodor!
    There’s a New App That Lets You Yell ‘Hodor’ at Your FriendsHODOR.
  45. This Japanese Comedy Robot Is Terrifying Here’s video of a robot developed in Japan to make people laugh. It was created by a team of researchers at Japan’s Waseda University led by […]
  46. Key Piece of Technology Makes Clip-Finding Easy for ‘Daily Show,’ […]The Wrap has a piece out today on SnapStream, the television recording service that makes searching through thousands of clips for The Daily […]
  47. Funny Or Die Is Responsible for Hoverboard Viral Video HoaxEarlier this week, a company called HUVr posted a YouTube video announcing the first commercially-available hoverboards featuring Christopher […]
  48. fantasy texts
    Director Cary Fukunaga Is an A+ Texter“I have a bunch of GIFs of Cary Grant in my phone that I send people.”
  49. Apple’s iPhone Keyboard Is Good Because Of ‘The Simpsons’In the midst of Fast Company’s oral history of design at Apple, one former Apple engineer mentioned that The Simpsons inspired the original […]
  50. stuff jonathan franzen hates
    Jonathan Franzen Still Doesn’t Like the InternetOr your MacBook Air.
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