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    How The Fosters Tackled TV’s Biggest TabooIntense!
  2. brrrrrains and looks
    See a Teen Beat Featuring Walking Dead’s CarlCarl’s Confessions: What’s really inside that giant hat?
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    ABC Family: A Respite From TV’s Overwhelming SamenessOn Mondays, enjoy stories about an interracial lesbian couple raising foster children. On Tuesdays, murder.
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    In Praise of Switched at BirthWould you like to learn how to say “I’m sorry” in ASL?
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    Hot Off the Presses: Vulture’s One Direction Teen MagazineWith all the relevant boy band facts.
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    Will ‘Call Me Maybe’ Drown Out Justin Bieber’s Attempt to Grow Up?He wants the grown-ups, but they’re all already listening to Carly.