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  1. Dylan O’Brien Is Ready to Talk About That AccidentDylan O’Brien was groomed to be Hollywood’s next young leading man. Then a tragic accident made him question everything.
  2. trailer mix
    Teen Wolf Announces Final Season, Debuts TrailerIts 100th episode will also be its series finale.
  3. r.i.p.
    Rod Daniel, Helmer of Michael J. Fox’s Teen Wolf, Dead at 73He also directed scads of TV projects.
  4. high school tv showdown
    How Characters Lose Their Virginity on Teen Shows Through the YearsIt’s a big freaking deal.
  5. nycc 2015
    Teen Wolf Crew at NYCC: ‘Sense of Humor Is Back’Things get lighter, but also nuder?
  6. the most viral
    Tumblr’s Most Reblogged Stars of 2013 Are Very Niche, Very BritishCumberbatch and Lawrence, sure. But Kaya Scodelario? Tyler Hoechlin?
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    Two Teenagers Made a Surprisingly Low-Key Rap About Teen WolfAre you watching?
  8. Jason Bateman Sells NBC an 80s Comedy That Has Nothing to Do with Teen […]Jason Bateman, once the star of 80s comedies like Teen Wolf Too, has sold an 80s comedy of his own to NBC. The prospective show, titled Then […]
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    Life After Jersey Shore: The Four Inspirations for the New MTVIn their quest to be the new WB, the network looks to John Hughes, Glee, and more.
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    What Summer Teen TV Show Should You Be Watching?If you like The Good Wife, you’ll love Awkward. Really.
  11. Finding True ‘Improv’ Moments in MoviesSometimes you’ll hear that a movie used “a lot of improv,” but when pressed the director will reveal that at most a handful of lines of […]
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    The Summer TV Report Card: Which Shows Were Hot and Which Just Got Burned?From reality to scripted to all things pawn, we judge what’s likely to be back next June, and what we’ll (hopefully) never see again.
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    Jeph Loeb, Co-Creator of the Original Teen Wolf, Looks Back“We came up with this admittedly unusual idea: that by becoming a werewolf an ordinary teenager could play better basketball.”
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    Watch the First Eight Minutes of MTV’s Teen Wolf RebootThey refuse to turn the lights on.
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    Watch the Twilight-y Trailer for MTV’s Teen Wolf RemakeEdward Cullen is looking like a goody-goody right now.
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    Watch the Trailer for MTV’s Teen WolfMore smooth-chested werewolves with killer abs and angst-filled relationships.
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    Comic-Con: When You Can’t Get Twilight, Try Teen WolfTyler Posey lost out to Taylor Lautner for Jacob, but now he’s got Michael J. Fox’s furry seconds.
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    MTV, the CW for Boys?They have the new ‘Teen Wolf,’ after all.
  19. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Emma Watson, SpitzerPlus: J. J. Abrams’s heist flick gets a screenwriter.
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    MTV to Remake, Desecrate Teen WolfPlus: ‘The L Word’ gets real.