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  1. vulture lists
    8 Shows About Horny British Youths You Can Stream Right NowSex education, U.K.-style.
  2. omar and ander forever
    Which Élite Couple Is the Hottest?Dramatic, hot, sneaky teens — representation matters!
  3. vulture lists
    13 Horny Teen Dramas for Fans of RiverdaleFrom hot vampires to Seth Cohen.
  4. teens
    Eighth Grade to Screen at Middle Schools Way Cooler Than YoursGucci!
  5. movies
    9th Graders on Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade“In ninth grade, you lose all your popularity going from middle school to high school. It’s a completely different dynamic.”
  6. vulture lists
    Who Is the Worst Teen in TV History?A ranking of the brattiest TV teens, from Carl Grimes to Joffrey Baratheon.
  7. scrub a dub dub
    A Few Questions About That Ridiculous Riverdale Shower Sex SceneWho wears a pearl necklace and bracelet in the shower?
  8. check-ins
    Where We Left Off With All the Teens on RiverdaleWho’s dating whom? And who’s dead?
  9. teens!
    Say Hello to Betty Cooper’s Long-Lost Hot Riverdale BrotherThis Chic is indeed very chic.
  10. teens
    Riverdale’s K.J. Apa Broke His Hand Badly While Filming the SeriesAnything for the craft!
  11. cool kids table
    The Teens on 13 Reasons Why Have a Lot of TattoosDo high schools even allow this much ink?
  12. the archie universe
    Who’s the Worst Parent on Riverdale? An InvestigationWhich parents have committed a federal crime, and which are merely boring?
  13. teens
    Maddox Jolie-Pitt Has an Executive-Producer Credit on Angelina’s Netflix MovieThe teen supposedly “read the script, helped with notes, and was in the production meetings” on the movie about his home country.
  14. dreams come true
    This Kid Played Onstage With Bruce Springsteen TwiceOnce in 2013 and again last week.
  15. norway
    A Beginner’s Guide to Skam, Your New Teen-Drama ObsessionThis hit Norwegian show is like Gossip Girl, but with kinder people and warmer coats.
  16. casting couch
    Kate Walsh Will Commune With the Teens in Selena Gomez’s Netflix SeriesWalsh will play the mother of a girl who commits suicide.
  17. A Letter to My Future Daughter’s Best Friend, by Dan Fitzpatrick Dear Chloe, Or Madison, or Avery, or Harper. I can never remember. Anyway, the bond between a father and daughter is a special one, which […]
  18. spectacles
    Learning Pop Truths From a Real Teen at NYC’s Jingle BallFun. is classy; Ed Sheeran is happening; and Max is the cutest Wanted guy.
  19. teens
    One Direction Is Going to Sell a Boatload of Albums This Week500,000 or more.
  20. teens
    Justin Bieber Is a Bad Ball-Tag SportAnd other lessons from The New Yorker’s Scooter Braun profile.
  21. teens
    Taylor Swift Is Winning Acting Awards NowFor The Lorax, of course.
  22. teens
    Harry Potter Takes Down Twilight at Teen Choice AwardsWhat does it all mean?
  23. clickables
    Learn Some New Beatles Facts From Enthusiastic TeensOh, John Legend, of course.
  24. clickables
    Hear Kory Shore and the Founding Fathers’ ‘Crying For America,’ a New YouTube AnthemWith a special verse by Thomas Paine.
  25. teens on tv
    Why the Hung Kids Are the Realest Kids on TVThe teenagers on ‘Hung’ look and speak realistically, making them both controversial and a pleasure to watch.
  26. the future
    Is Miranda Cosgrove the Next Miley Cyrus?Possibly!