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Tell Alls

  1. gavel! gavel!
    Mary Trump’s Tell-All of the Summer Temporarily Blocked by JudgeShe may have violated a confidentiality agreement about her uncle.
  2. hollywood
    Public Nudity, Near Deaths, and Other Wild Tales from Chateau MarmontHighlights from a new tell-all.
  3. tell-alls
    Ron Miscavige to Publish Book About ScientologyWill we find out whatever happened to Shelly?
  4. Revisiting Faye Resnick’s Nicole Simpson BookIt’s a time warp.
  5. tell-alls
    Broadway Spider-Man Writer Sells a Tell-allThe Inside Story of the Most Controversial Musical in Broadway History.
  6. tell-alls
    Simon Cowell Prefers Black Toilet Paper And other fun facts from his unauthorized biography. 
  7. books
    Read the First Two Chapters of Chuck Palahniuk’s New Book, Tell-AllIt’s a “rude sendup of name-dropping and the culture of celebrity worship.”
  8. tell-alls
    Former Letterman Writer Explains How a ‘Hostile Work Environment’ Drove Her to Quit Her Dream JobNell Scovell wrote about her experiences as a ‘Late Night’ writer back in the early nineties for ‘Vanity Fair.’
  9. persona non grata
    Dustin Diamond Bravely Exposes Several Instances of Typical Teenage Behavior on the Set of Saved by the BellWe admire his courage.