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Tennessee Williams

  1. adaptations
    Antoine Fuqua Will Direct an All-Black Cat on a Hot Tin Roof MovieInspired by the 2008 Broadway revival of the Tennessee Williams classic.
  2. back to school
    The Julien Baker Reading Guide to Her New Album Little OblivionsHow East of Eden, R.O. Kwon’s The Incendiaries, and critical theory connect to the singer-songwriter’s stunning third album.
  3. fall preview 2019
    Marisa Tomei’s Got That BiteShe’s playing the trying-to-be-merry widow Serafina in Tennessee Williams’s The Rose Tattoo.
  4. theater review
    Theater Review: Summer and Smoke Has That ‘Immaterial Something’A Tennessee Williams revival that’s deeply moving.
  5. casting couch
    Sally Field Will Star in The Glass Menagerie on BroadwayTwo-time Tony winner Joe Mantello will also star.
  6. theater review
    Theater Review: Gillian Anderson Is an Inside-Out Blanche DuBoisWith a fake Vuitton bag.
  7. biopicked
    Tennessee Williams Biopic Is in the Works So Let’s Go Ahead and Cast the RockFrom the folks at Broad Green.
  8. theater
    Theater Reviews: Artifice Wrecks, in Isolde and Desire“It just sits there, complacently making no sense.”
  9. theater review
    Weekend Theater: Tennessee Williams, David MorseAmanda Plummer makes existing look so hard in the Tennessee Williams revival.
  10. stage dive
    Theater Review: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof“Never in the long history of towels and crotches has there been such a knot.”
  11. theater review
    A Lot of Admiration for an Unorthodox StreetcarIt’s firing on all cylinders.
  12. art
    Ouija Board Secured, James Franco Preps to Speak to Tennessee WilliamsHe tells Vulture about his upcoming performance art piece, in which he chats up the dead playwright.
  13. art
    James Franco Will Conduct a Séance to Speak to Tennessee WilliamsFor art.
  14. stage dive
    An Off Broadway Mega-RoundupAn Off Broadway mega-roundup.
  15. stage dive
    One Arm and Any NightMoisés Kaufman has brought us the great late Tennessee Williams play that never was.
  16. stage dive
    Stage Dive: An Off Broadway Roundup’White People,’ ‘Vieux Carre,’ and ‘The Hallway Trilogy.’
  17. stage dive
    Stage Dive: Diary of a Madman and Small Craft WarningsIn this Russian drama, Geoffrey Rush channels Daffy Duck.
  18. stage dive
    Stage Dive: Olympia Dukakis Rides the Milk Train With Darkly Comic MonstrosityAs another of Tennessee Williams’s randy old dowagers, Dukakis does the best she can with some truly strange text.
  19. broadway
    Nicole Kidman Coming to BroadwayIn a Tennessee Williams play.
  20. the industry
    Dimension Gives a Boost to Struggling Young Screenwriter Ice CubeIce Cube sells his script, W’s parents are cast, and Sam Raimi casts some collateral damage in Drag Me to Hell.
  21. the early word
    What Will Critics Be Talking About in Broadway’s All-Black ‘Cat’? Horny James Earl Jones, That’s WhatThe former Lord Vader still has a lot of light left in his saber.
  22. the industry
    Crazy Guy Replaced by Crazier GuyPlus: Who will James Blunt annoy next?