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  1. art
    Terence Koh Is Over New York City, Moves Upstate Like Everyone Else The artist is over New York City, heading back to the land.
  2. tributes
    Terence Koh’s iPod to Honor Dash SnowArtist Terence Koh will perform a tribute to Dash Snow tonight.
  3. basel blog
    Terence Koh Dazzles Art Basel Miami With Thrilling Nonperformance’Terence’s art is about nothing. His performance is that he is not playing music.’
  4. art
    The Paintings at Terence Koh’s New Show Are Possibly Edible’There might be some semen in there, I don’t know. Who knows.’
  5. liner notes
    Slideshow: The Homeless ‘Get Lost’ Show