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Terminal 5

  1. radio vulture
    M83 Make the Case for Their Underrated New Album at Terminal 5Seriously, it’s better than you remember.
  2. unlikely bffs
    Watch Julian Assange Open M.I.A’s ShowVia Skype, of course.
  3. last night’s gig
    Down In It: The Last-Ever Nine Inch Nails Show in New YorkLongtime fans wistfully held out hope that Reznor would destroy … things.
  4. last night’s gig
    Ratatat Recruit Arnold Schwarzenegger and Paul Simon to Sate Dance-AverseMike Stroud and Evan Mast resembled silhouetted guitar gods, as people on the floor gleefully undulated to the music.
  5. last night’s gig
    Jarvis Cocker Shares Fluids With Front-Row ConcertgoersAlmost everybody lost their shit when he grabbed his crotch, singing “I heard it said you are hung like a white man.”
  6. last night’s gig
    Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis Makes Sweet Love to ThousandsBlake Sennet, a little brother intruding on a make-out session, nothing more.
  7. last night’s gig
    Jack White Goes Fully Bizarro at Raconteurs ShowWhite was channeling Liberace, his co-star John C. Reilly in Walk Hard, and seventies-era Elvis.
  8. last night’s gig
    DeVotchKa Make Do, Somehow, Without AcrobatsBut the band that got its start backing a burlesque troupe didn’t stint on the theatricality!
  9. last night’s gig
    Tegan and Sara Describe Physical Oddities, Creepy Thoughts About ChildrenJudging by the sea of asymmetrical haircuts (mirroring those of the twins themselves), we’re pretty sure the audience was a sympathetic one.
  10. last night’s gig
    Geeks, Glow Sticks Wiggle at Hot Chip ShowAlexis Taylor was bedecked in several layers of rain-slicker yellow, including a flimsy basketball jersey from Wendy’s!
  11. last night’s gig
    Nick Cave Takes the Plug Awards Where the Sun Don’t Shine“I feel like my dad at a rave,” said host Patton Oswalt last night at the Plug Awards.
  12. last night’s gig
    The Old Cat Power Peeks Out at New-Era ShowFor a minute there, it looked like Cat Power’s show at Terminal 5 would culminate with her rolling out one of those T-shirt cannons you see at outdoor rock festivals.