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Terminator: Dark Fate

  1. rise of the machines
    May We Never Forget the Deliriously Bleak Terminator 3The third Terminator film made clear that our future was indeed a nightmare. Maybe that’s why everybody’s trying so hard to pretend it didn’t happen.
  2. vulture lists
    Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Performance, RankedWith a new Terminator movie in theaters, it’s time to take stock of the movie star’s unexpected career.
  3. refreshers
    Here’s What You Need to Know About Terminator Before You See Dark FateHow much do you need to know about Skynet, Sarah Connor, or Genisys? Let us explain.
  4. chat room
    Mackenzie Davis Genuinely Can’t Find a Male Gaze in Terminator: Dark FateWhat was it like to hit a man with a sledgehammer on the day of Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate testimony? The actress explains.
  5. Sarah Connor Has Always Been a Character Ahead of Her TimeLinda Hamilton is here to tell you why.
  6. movie review
    In Terminator: Dark Fate, the Cornball Franchise Returns With a VengeanceThe sixth — er, thirdTerminator film has gotten much better reviews than it deserves, but I understand why people want to embrace it.
  7. trailer mix
    Terminator: Dark Fate Dropped a New Trailer on Judgment Day AnniversaryAugust 29 is an important date in the T-twoniverse.
  8. sdcc 2019
    James Cameron Sent a ‘Rambling Email’ to Get Linda Hamilton Back for Terminator“I sent her a long, rambling email with a lot of reasons why she should do the movie but also a lot of reasons she shouldn’t.”