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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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    Awesome Sarah Connor Chronicles Producer Blogs About Being TerminatedWhat’s it like having a show canceled? Let Josh Friedman tell you.
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    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles CanceledWe were unable to think of a headline for this post that played on the show’s title. Our deepest apologies.
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    ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’: Ladies of the Season Finale Both Scary and HotThe double finale presented some troubling reflections on counterterrorism — and one of the coolest shoot-outs ever to take place on network television!
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    ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’: Cameron Can Dance, But Can She Sing?In case you somehow missed all the Mary/Christ and apocalypse references, episode seven hits you on the head with a large-print edition of the New Testament.
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    ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’: Cameron Might Yet Prove to Be a Bad, Bad GirlThis little TV show is the by far the most compelling part of the Terminator franchise.
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    ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’: The Hottie and the RobottieDo kids today fantasize about an upbringing that involves military training in the jungles of Central America? Yes!
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    Finally, Someone Gives the Fox Football Robot the Beating It So Richly DeservesAnd it’s the Terminator!
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    New ‘Weeds’ Episodes Leak: Fans Light UpOver the past few days, yet-to-be-aired pilots for new shows, along with forthcoming episodes of Weeds and Brotherhood, found their way onto illicit file-sharing Websites.
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    ThinkFilm Delivers Deceptively Entertaining Trailer for ‘The Ten’