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Terminator 2

  1. it’s drugs
    James Cameron Wasn’t Smoking Pot When He Came Up With T2, But He Was on EcstasyHe was also high on Sting’s rad music.
  2. oral history
    The Making of T2’s Awesome Liquid-Metal EffectHow the T-1000’s coolest trick came to be. 
  3. vulture scavenger
    26 Things You Might Not Have Known About the Terminator MoviesThe first celebrates its 30th anniversary this week.
  4. Watch One Guy’s Road Trip to Iconic Movie LocationsWe want to go to there, all of there.
  5. clickables
    Watch a Crazy Stop-motion Tribute to Terminator 2From the 8-bit artists formerly known as Rymdreglage.
  6. 3-d
    Avatar’s Success Means That Every Movie Ever Will Get a 3-D Re-ReleaseGeorge Lucas is licking his lips.