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  1. terminators
    Original Terminator Co-Writer Wants to Save the Franchise From Itself“Of course I’d be interested in doing another one. I’d love it.”
  2. terminators
    McG: Terminated?The franchise’s new owners don’t need to honor McG’s rights-of-first-refusal deal to direct any sequels, says an awesome judge.
  3. terminators
    Terminator Franchise Sold to Alleged TerminatorsThe rights to the franchise have been sold at auction to Pacificor, the hedge fund whose alleged malfeasance purportedly necessitated the sale in the first place.
  4. terminators
    Awesome Sarah Connor Chronicles Producer Blogs About Being TerminatedWhat’s it like having a show canceled? Let Josh Friedman tell you.
  5. terminators
    PG-13-Rated Terminator: Salvation Scrubbed of Crucial Screwdriver Stabbing SceneExplains director McG: “We thought, ‘Well, that would be ridiculous to make it tough for kids to go see this movie.”’
  6. countdown
    Neil Diamond May Destroy ‘American Idol’ TonightHow will the Idol hopefuls cope with yet another old-timey theme night?