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Terrible Things

  1. terrible things
    Catfish’s Nev Schulman Punched a Girl in College“All I can say on the record, as the former Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, is that he was a condescending, entitled, reprehensible tool. :)”
  2. clickables
    Watch Even More Racist Antics From the Survivor BigotWhich CBS just made available online.
  3. Scientologists Targeted Matt Stone and Trey Parker for Ripping on Xenu I don’t even want to write this, I’m so afraid of being targeted by Scientology (Haha, no I’m not! Bleep blorp! Thetans!). Newly leaked […]
  4. Kevin James and Adam Sandler to Make Another Awful MovieKevin James and Adam Sandler are set to rejoin forces in Valet Guys, a movie that would have them playing “veteran valet parking guys at a […]
  5. the swell season
    Swell Season Pays for Counseling for Fans Who Witnessed SuicideThirty-two-year-old jumped from roof covering the stage last week.
  6. terrible things
    Man Commits Suicide at a Swell Season ShowHere’s some awful news.
  7. terrible things
    America’s Not the Only Place Where Reality Shows Have Turned DeadlyA contestant on a Pakistani reality show died while trying to complete a swimming challenge.
  8. terrible things
    Vulture Demands a Moratorium on Any Further Demolition of Slumdog Actors’ HousesWe’re serious this time.