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  1. the political corner
    Rihanna Wants Trump to Define This Weekend’s Mass Shootings As Terrorist Attacks“Nobody deserves to die like this! NOBODY!”
  2. terrorism
    Robert De Niro Mailed Suspicious Package Similar to Clinton, Obama BombsA suspicious device was mailed to his Tribeca offices.
  3. podcast review
    Caliphate Is a Breathtaking Investigation of ISISThe New York Times podcast answers an essential question: “Who are we fighting, anyway?”
  4. controversies
    Priyanka Chopra Apologizes for Quantico Episode Featuring Indian Terrorists“I sincerely apologise. I’m a proud Indian and that will never change.”
  5. threats
    Allah-Las Rock Concert in Rotterdam Canceled After Terror ThreatAuthorities have detained a driver of a van found near the venue.
  6. breaking
    At Least 22 Dead Following Suspected Terror Attack at Ariana Grande ConcertThe singer was unharmed.
  7. mea culpas
    24: Legacy Producers Apologize for Using Footage From 2013 Nairobi Terror AttackThe footage will be removed from future broadcasts of the episode.
  8. last night on late night
    Trevor Noah Notices a Few Holes in Donald Trump’s Terrorist Attack ListAttacks committed by white terrorists were noticeably missing.
  9. 24 legacy
    24: Legacy Producers: Muslim Terrorist Attack Was Intentionally ‘Inflammatory’“The series begins as if it was written by Trump, but it ends as if it were written by Hillary.”
  10. apocalyptic scenarios
    Michael Moore: ‘Trump Is Gonna Get Us Killed’“Don’t forget that date and his hubris as we bury the dead next year.”
  11. representation
    Quantico Will Never Feature a Muslim TerroristThat’s showrunner Josh Safran’s rule.
  12. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for HBO’s Charlie Hebdo DocPremiering on September 19.
  13. gun control
    Kurt Russell Expounds on Gun Control, Terrorism “I think it’s absolutely insane.”
  14. paris photo
    Shaken, the Art World Returns From a Paris Art Fair Cut Short by Terrorism“It was like the terrorists got what they wanted.”
  15. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Stands With France in Monologue“Anything that is an attempt at human connection in the world is positive.”
  16. This Week’s ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Will Feature Prophet Muhammad CartoonsIn the wake of last week’s tragic terrorist attack, the surviving writers and artists of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo are back at […]
  17. ‘The Onion’ Responds to the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Terrorist AttackThe Onion has responded to today’s tragic terrorist attack at the offices of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo with a new article titled […]
  18. Former ‘Onion’ Editor on the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Attack: ‘We Cannot Police Our […]“They cannot kill everyone who disagrees with them. There are not enough bullets in the world for that. The most responsible thing we can do is […]
  19. All Five Top Theater Chains Drop ‘The Interview’It’s a sad day for comedy, free speech, and people who hate losing against terrorists. According to THR, all five major movie theater chains – […]
  20. Check Out ‘Al Qaeda Meeting’ from Last Night’s ‘Key and Peele’ FinaleThe first half of Key and Peele’s fourth season wrapped up on Comedy Central last night, and in case you missed it, check out the above sketch […]
  21. in development
    CW Developing Its Own Terrorism Show About a sleeper cell at a New York university.
  22. Amy Schumer Once Did Standup for a Terrorist Organization’s Hunger Strike Comedy Central star Amy Schumer went on The Tonight Show last night and told this story about performing for a hunger strike held by a known […]
  23. Yet Again, The Onion Makes a Joke, and Humorless Idiots ComplainThis morning, The Onion tweeted this: “BREAKING: Witnesses reporting screams and gunfire heard inside Capitol building.” There was no context, […]
  24. Four Lions: Can Terrorism Be Funny?Four Lions, released in the UK earlier this year and shown last night as the closing film of the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival, follows a […]
  25. south park
    Man Who Threatened South Park Creators Arrested For Something Else20-year-old charged with providing material support to Somali terror group.