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  1. Terry Crews Is the Mother Hen on America’s Got Talent“If they need a drink of water, I’ll go up there and give them some water.”
  2. #metoo
    Terry Crews Responds to D.L. Hughley Making Fun of His Sexual Assault”If you truly feel that is a correct way to deal with toxic behavior,” the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor tweeted. ”Should I slap the shit out of you?”
  3. vulture lists
    Every Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode, RankedLooking back at the show’s Fox years.
  4. bob ross wishes
    Throw That Yule Log Away and Join Terry Crews for a Cozy Christmas Painting SeshA little background Bob Ross-ness for your holiday festivities.
  5. #metoo
    WME and Ari Emanuel Tried to Keep Agent Who Assaulted Terry CrewsCrews reported the assault to Ari Emanuel in 2016.
  6. trailer mix
    The Only Person Strong Enough to Fight Terry Crews Is … Terry Crews“Surprise, motherf***er!”
  7. well hello! let's celebrate this
    Terry Crews Will Host America’s Got Talent in Piece of Excellent Good NewsRemember good news?
  8. terry crews
    Terry Crews Shares the Apology Letter He Received From Adam VenitCrews accepted the apology of his accused assailant along with his resignation from the WME talent agency.
  9. settlements
    Terry Crews’s Settlement With Adam Venit and WME Stipulated Venit’s ResignationIt also created new harassment policies for the agency.
  10. the industry
    Adam Venit, Hollywood Agent Accused by Terry Crews, Will Leave WMEIt’s reportedly a “retirement.”
  11. last night on late night
    A Reminder From Samantha Bee and Terry Crews: Your Prison-Rape Joke Isn’t Funny“You’re a hack and everybody knows it.”
  12. sdcc 2018
    9 Moments From the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Comic-Con Panel That Will Make You CryNo, you’re weeping.
  13. sexual assault
    50 Cent Says He Didn’t View Terry Crews As a Victim“I’m looking at the Hulk, the guy that’s this big being taken advantage of.”
  14. last night on late night
    Terry Crews Calls Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Cancellation ‘the Shock of a Lifetime’“It was horrible. And then the internet — the internet flipped out!”
  15. movie review
    The Raucous Sorry to Bother You Is the Punk Film 2018 DeservesLakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, and Armie Hammer make Boots Riley’s debut film about a young black telemarketer a bizarre house party of a movie.
  16. #metoo
    Andy Samberg ‘Proud To Know’ Terry Crews Following Senate Testimony“He’s a miracle.”
  17. Terry Crews Responds to Those Questioning His Story of Sexual AssaultAfter Crews testified in the Senate, some, including 50 Cent, went after the actor.
  18. feuds
    50 Cent Mocks Terry Crews for Being a Victim of Sexual AssaultBecause if 2018 has taught us anything, it’s that some people just suck.
  19. #metoo
    Terry Crews Details His Sexual Assault in Powerful Testimony to Senate“People don’t believe that a person like me could actually be victimized.”
  20. on comedy
    Andy Samberg and the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast Choose Their Favorite Cold OpensThat Dianne Wiest cold open might be the winner.
  21. the industry
    Terry Crews Says Expendables Co-stars Have Been Silent Amid Assault AllegationCrews said a producer tried to pressure him into dropping his assault allegations against WME agent Adam Venit.
  22. sexual assault
    Terry Crews’s Sexual-Assault Case Against WME Agent RejectedThe allegation has been determined to be past the statute of limitations.
  23. me too
    Terry Crews on Paying Agency WME: ‘I Still Have to Send a Check to My Molester’“This is Hollywood, it is insane.”
  24. sexual harassment and assault
    Terry Crews’s Sexual Assault Claim Against Agent Sent to L.A. District AttorneyThe allegation against WME’s Adam Venit is reportedly “under review.”
  25. sexual misconduct
    Adam Venit Denies ‘Each and Every’ Assault Allegation Made by Terry CrewsThe WME agent says his conduct was not sexual.
  26. Armie Hammer Was the Weed Hookup for the Sorry to Bother You Cast“I thought you were so generous,” laughed Tessa Thompson. “I heard you were on set giving away lots of pot.”
  27. the industry
    Terry Crews Says WME Is Spying on His Family Amid Sexual-Assault Case“The town is compromised. But me, and my team, are not.”
  28. the industry
    Terry Crews Says National Enquirer Editor Threatened Him With Smear Campaign“Abusers protect abusers,” Crews tweeted.
  29. lawsuits
    Terry Crews Sues WME Agent Adam Venit for Sexual AssaultCrews claims Venit groped him at an industry party last year.
  30. the industry
    Suspended Agent Adam Venit Returns to WME After Terry Crews Groping AllegationIn response, Crews tweeted “someone got a pass.”
  31. the industry
    Russell Simmons Told Terry Crews to Give His Sexual Assaulter ‘a Pass’Crews is putting him on blast.
  32. sexual assault
    Terry Crews Details Sexual Assault: ‘I Have Never Felt More Emasculated’“I will not be shamed. I did nothing wrong.”
  33. sexual assault
    Terry Crews Reports His Sexual Assault to the LAPDCrews tweeted his sexual-assault story after the Harvey Weinstein news.
  34. the industry
    WME Agent Adam Venit Takes Leave Following Terry Crews Groping AccusationDays after the first Harvey Weinstein exposé, Terry Crews said a “high-level Hollywood executive” groped him.
  35. Terry Crews Shares His Own Story of Sexual Assault by a Hollywood Executive“Hollywood is not the only business where this happens, and to the casualties of this behavior — you are not alone.”
  36. last night on late night
    Terry Crews Invented a New Chair That Will Make You Feel Like a GodThe man’s got a lot of energy, and he has to put it somewhere.
  37. last night on late night
    Terry Crews Reveals That He Is a Secret FlutistHe could have been playing during late-night interviews this whole time.
  38. roll clip!
    Watch Michael Phelps Lip Sync EminemGraded on a curve, he is fine!
  39. it's a christmas miracle!
    Terry Crews’s Pecs Perform ‘Jingle Bells’More like “Jiggle Bells”!
  40. chat room
    Terry Crews on How He Taught Himself to Be Happy“[Positive energy] is really something you have to study … I used to get depressed.”
  41. videology
    Watch Kendrick Lamar’s ‘These Walls’ VideoDrake isn’t rap’s only dancer.
  42. vulture analysis
    Lip Sync Battle: Terry Crews vs. Mike TysonTerry Crews is a demigod.
  43. halloween costumes
    Iggy Azalea Totally Won Celebrity Halloween As Brittany From White ChicksAlso: Beyoncé as Janet Jackson and Kim Kardashian as Anna Wintour.
  44. last night on late night
    Watch Terry Crews’s and Jimmy Fallon’s Nipples Sing a Duet“Ebony and Ivory.”
  45. ‘Arrested Development’ Episode Reviews: A New Start / Double CrossersIn addition to our Arrested Development season 4 review, Splitsider has also been posting episode-by-episode recaps that will cover two […]
  46. Terry Crews to Star in Andy Samberg’s Fox Pilot; Phil Lord and Chris […]Actor and former NFL player Terry Crews has just been added to the cast of Andy Samberg’s untitled Fox pilot, according to Deadline. Phil Lord […]
  47. casting couch
    Terry Crews Joins Mike Schur and Dan Goor’s New Cop ComedyHe’s joining Andy Samberg.
  48. Meet Two New ‘Arrested Development’ Guest StarsZap2It confirms that Isla Fisher and Terry Crews will appear in the fourth season of Arrested Development. Word on the street is Mitch was […]
  49. casting couch
    Arrested Development Adds Isla Fisher, Terry CrewsSure.
  50. terry crews
    Watch Terry Crews Play Music Using Only His Muscles (and Then You Do It, Too)It’s Terry Crews’s Internet, and you’re just visiting.
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