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  1. vulture lists
    9 Movies That Survived Development Hell (and How They Fared)Terry Gilliam’s The Man Who Killed Don Quixote isn’t the only film that’s had a long journey to the screen.
  2. roll clip!
    Adam Driver Is a Fussy Director in Man Who Killed Don Quixote ClipSee it in theaters April 10.
  3. profile
    Terry Gilliam, the Man Who Was Almost Killed by Don QuixoteThe Monty Python animator and director on the movie that took him three decades to make.
  4. the industry
    Taika Waititi Travels to the Future to Bring You Apple’s Time Bandits TV ShowThe Thor: Ragnarok director will co-write and direct the pilot for Apple’s Terry Gilliam adaptation.
  5. movies
    12 Monkeys Is the Apocalypse Movie We Need Right NowIt’s about finding hope when doom is guaranteed.
  6. from the archives
    Looking for Lost Monty Python Material? Look No FurtherLooking back at the group’s Hastily Cobbled Together for a Fast Buck Album.
  7. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote Is Terry Gilliam’s Misogynistic Fun HouseThere’s a good idea for a film somewhere in Terry Gilliam’s long-gestating product.
  8. the man who killed don quixote
    The Making of Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote Is Getting Another DocumentaryThe film’s production was first chronicled in Lost in La Mancha, and will be explored further in He Dreams of Giants.
  9. curses
    Terry Gilliam Had a Stroke But Man Who Killed Don Quixote Will Finally ScreenBut the director will be ready to celebrate The Man Who Killed Don Quixote on the Palais.
  10. trailer mix
    Embrace Adam Driver’s Mustache in The Man Who Killed Don Quixote TrailerGet your first look at a movie that’s taken 20 years to make.
  11. on comedy
    Terry Gilliam Thinks Donald Trump Is Way More Absurd Than Monty Python“The reality is funnier than anything one can do.”
  12. me too backlash
    Monty Python Member Says #MeToo Movement Turned Hollywood Into ‘The Mob’“A night with Harvey — that’s the price you pay.”
  13. Terry Gilliam Is Finally, Really, Making His Don Quixote FilmFinally.
  14. The Always Surprising Treasure That Is ‘Time Bandits’2016 was a very, very bad year no matter how you slice it. In tough times, comedy is often a form of escape that people turn to when they need […]
  15. delays
    Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote Delayed As God Smites Filmmaker Yet AgainThanks to a financing problem.
  16. roll clip!
    Watch a Bunch of Deleted Holy Grail AnimationFeaturing hilariously contemptuous commentary from the artist himself.
  17. ‘Monty Python: The Meaning of Live’ to Premiere at the Tribeca Film […]Get ready for another Monty Python reunion. According to The Wrap, a new documentary called Monty Python: The Meaning of Live is set to […]
  18. movie review
    Movie Review: The Zero TheoremStarring Christoph Waltz and Mélanie Thierry.
  19. career walkthrough
    Terry Gilliam on 13 of the Most Difficult Scenes He Ever Shot“‘How clever, how magical that looks,’ someone must have said. It was just desperation!”
  20. remembrances
    Terry Gilliam on a Hard Scene for Robin Williams“Robin was tearing his guts out emotionally.”
  21. John Cleese and Eric Idle Drop Some Sick Terry Gilliam BurnsTime Out recently conducted interviews with Monty Python’s John Cleese and Eric Idle ahead of their live reunion shows next month, covering […]
  22. Terry Gilliam Calls Monty Python’s Upcoming Farewell Shows ‘Depressing’“It’s harder to do comedy now anyway: we’re older, we’ve become the Establishment we took the piss out of… Actually, the truth is I find it […]
  23. trailer mix
    Watch a Trailer for Gilliam’s The Zero TheoremThe future is weird.
  24. Monty Python Adds Another Five Reunion ShowsMonty Python’s reunion next year has already been expanded from one to five shows, and now the group has announced they’ll be doing an […]
  25. The Monty Python Guys Are Now Doing Five Shows in LondonLast week, the five living members of Monty Python announced a reunion show at the O2 Arena in London  for July 1. Tickets went on sale this […]
  26. Highlights from Monty Python’s Reddit AMAFollowing the news that the five living members of Monty Python are reuniting for a show in London next summer, all five participated in a […]
  27. Monty Python Will Perform at the O2 Arena in London on July 1The five living members of Monty Python confirmed their plans to reunite for a stage show this morning. Eric Idle, Michael Palin, John Cleese, […]
  28. Three Pythons Reunite to Discuss, Argue, and Quip in 1989The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  29. Terry Gilliam Feels Every Cut as a CastrationMonths after Terry Gilliam’s Brazil was already a success abroad, he and the studio were still fighting over how to cut it for America. When […]
  30. the vulture transcript
    The Vulture Transcript: Terry Gilliam Gets Real About the Making of Monty Python and the Holy GrailAnd shares his thoughts on movies and comics these days.
  31. Terry Gilliam Was Not a Fan of Transformers“People can slide down the side of a building that’s falling and they don’t get ripped to shreds?”
  32. clickables
    Let Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam Teach You Animation TechniquesWhat advice does he have for aspiring animators? “Keep well away from it, it’s dangerous, nasty stuff.”
  33. chat room
    The Very Honest Terry Gilliam on Green Lantern’s Budget, Woody Allen’s European Tour, and Don Quixote“There’s a side of me that’s like, ‘F-ck this.’ Except it’s still the best script that I’ve got.”
  34. clickables
    Watch Terry Gilliam’s Film ShortCalled ‘The Legend of Hallowdega.’
  35. the man who killed don quixote
    Gilliam’s Quixote Faces Even More ProblemsThe financing collapsed.
  36. tv
    Watch a New Monty Python–Inspired Ad for Conan O’Brien’s TBS ShowIf you look closely, you can see the masturbating bear inside his head.
  37. music
    See Arcade Fire’s Terry Gilliam–Directed WebcastSee if they can top last night’s set.
  38. terry gilliam
    Terry Gilliam Is ‘Trying to Figure Out’ What This Arcade Fire Webcast Thing Is“I keep reading that I’m directing this thing, but I’m not sure that’s what I’m doing.”
  39. arcade fire
    Terry Gilliam to Direct Arcade Fire WebcastAugust 5 concert will air live online.
  40. danger
    Ewan McGregor to Risk Life in Gilliam’s QuixoteStay safe, Ewan!
  41. cannes 2010
    Cannes Weekend Red Carpet PhotosMore photos from the red carpet and party scene at Cannes.
  42. impending disasters
    What Disaster Will Befall Terry Gilliam’s Upcoming Opera?We hope the English National Opera has fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, and asteroid insurance.
  43. quote machine
    Michelle Rodriguez Plans to Keep Her Clothes OnPlus: Blossom speaks!
  44. vulture picture palace
    And Now for Something Completely Enjoyable, Courtesy of a Young Terry GilliamIt’ll remind viewers of the elaborately absurdist animated shorts Gilliam would create for ‘Monty Python’ starting the following year.
  45. chat room
    Terry Gilliam on Heath Ledger’s Last Movie“Nietzsche was wrong. What doesn’t kill you does not make you stronger. It makes you really tired.”
  46. you heard it here first
    Vulture Premieres Two Python-esque Tracks From Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus“We Love Violence” is a rowdy celebration of police brutality shouted out by vicious police officers, who conclude their ditty with spectacular flatulence.
  47. quote machine
    Emma Thompson a Remarkably Helpful Condescender, Says Maggie GyllenhaalJohn Landis: “In the States I’m still quite the schmuck.”
  48. tom cruise
    Could Tom Cruise Have Saved Dr. Parnassus (and Vice Versa)?Come on, Terry, we know he’s weird, but if Tom Cruise asks to be in your movie, you should say yes.
  49. imaginariums
    Heath Ledger’s Last-Ever Movie Coming to an Imaginarium Near You’The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ has found an American distributor.
  50. trailer mix
    The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Trailer Breaks Our Gilliam-o-MeterThis looks like something you’d dream after eating some bad clams and falling asleep in a sauna.
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