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  1. casting couch
    Lost’s Terry O’Quinn Joins Gang RelatedOn Fox. With RZA.
  2. party chat
    Even Terry O’Quinn Didn’t Know Who He Was on the Canceled 666 Park Avenue“Where does he come from? How old is he?”
  3. matt zoller seitz
    Seitz on 666 Park Avenue: A Dark Heart, But a Network SoulThis new ABC horror series plays something like Fantasy Island’s sinister cousin.
  4. chat room
    Terry O’Quinn on His New Show and Lost’s Finale“I was aware in around season four that they had so many balls in the air that they were going to let a few drop.”
  5. casting couch
    Lost’s Terry O’Quinn Joins ABC’s 666 Park Ave.In a starring role.
  6. exclusive
    J.J. Abrams Pitching New Locke/Linus ShowIt could really happen, and it’s in good hands.
  7. life after lost
    Ben and Locke Will Live On (Maybe), Part IIMichael Emerson is now talking up a possible Terry O’Quinn collaboration.
  8. terry o'quinn
    Terry O’Quinn Goes From Lost to LifetimeHe’ll star opposite Taraji P. Henson.
  9. life after lost
    Ben and Locke Will Live On (Maybe)Terry O’Quinn is pitching a show that would star the duo as “suburban hit men struggling with family issues.”
  10. chat room
    Lost’s Terry O’Quinn on Playing Smokey-Locke“Little bits of Locke keep popping up in Smokey. But that’s just my choice, it’s not anything anybody told me to do.”
  11. performances of the week
    Watch: 5 Great Video ClipsJimmy Fallon’s ‘Glee’ parody, Wallace Shawn as Jon Stewart’s therapist, Vanessa Williams impersonates herself, and more.
  12. lost
    No Emmy for LockeThe ballot for Emmy nominations has been revealed — and Terry O’Quinn’s not on it.
  13. mysteries
    So Just Who in the Sam Hill Is Jacob, Anyway?Beats us! Still, we have some theories that just might interest you.