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  1. the law
    Tekashi 6ix9ine Snitches on Cardi B, Jim Jones in Court TestimonyA rep for Cardi denies she’s a member of the Bloods.
  2. the law
    Tekashi 6ix9ine Recounts His Alleged Kidnapping in Court: ‘Damn, They Caught Me’The embattled rapper has spent the week testifying against his former associates in cooperation with the feds.
  3. courts
    Jay-Z Ordered to Testify Next Week in SEC Investigation Involving RocawearHe’s been avoiding subpoenas for months.
  4. testimonies
    Moby on Klaus Nomi, the ’80s Club Scene, and ’90s Rave Drugs“By 1993, a 19-year-old kid would go to a rave or a club, and take Special K and acid and crystal meth and ecstasy, all in the course of one night.”
  5. 100 years of new york music
    Ezra Koenig on His Early Influences and NY Shows“I never would have guessed that nine years later, I would almost daily have kids on Twitter making Oxford comma jokes.”
  6. 100 years of new york music
    Thurston Moore on What Drew Him to New York, Art-Rock, and Forming Sonic Youth“The reality of it was the city was destitute, and it became this kind of postapocalyptic landscape for artists, and there’s something very enchanting in that.”
  7. 100 years of new york music
    Rick Rubin on Russell Simmons, Licensed to Ill“He couldn’t believe I was white. There were no white people involved in hip-hop at this time at all.”
  8. 100 years of new york music
    How Grandmaster Flash’s ‘Torque Theory’ Drove Hip-Hop“Everything should be controlled via the vinyl, the fingertips.”
  9. 100 years of new york music
    Nile Rodgers on Writing ‘Le Freak,’ Grace Jones, and the Disco Backlash“This is the biggest song by a band nobody knows about a dance that nobody knows how to do.”
  10. 100 years of new york music
    50 Cent on the ’90s Hip-Hop Scene“Following Tupac and Biggie, it was almost taboo for you to mention an artist’s name on a record.”
  11. 100 years of new york music
    David Johansen on Loft Parties and Downtown Art“The high heels were easy. There was a shoemaker on Second Avenue who used to take the heel off for us and put in a steel shank, and then put it back on so it was kind of indestructible. “
  12. testimonies
    Suzanne Vega on Coming of Age in the New York Music Scene“I grew up in New York City, I have a small room, I barely have that to myself, I’m going to play the acoustic guitar, and that ended up being the thing that shaped my style more than anything.”
  13. testimonies
    Mike Stoller on the Musical Universe of the Brill BuildingAlmost every floor was inhabited by music publishers, songwriters, band leaders, talent agents.
  14. testimonies
    Burt Bacharach Remembers Writing Songs at the Brill BuildingIt’s where “The Way to San Jose” started.
  15. testimonies
    Dion DiMucci of the Belmonts on the Doo-Wop ABCs“We were gonna call ourselves Dion and the Crotonas, but Belmont had a nice ring.”
  16. music
    The Encyclopedia of New York Pop MusicAn impressionistic, anecdotal, suggestive, but by definition incomplete survey of the past 100 years of New York pop.