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  1. beef
    Gibson Guitars vs. Guitar HeroCan you patent the concept of air guitar?
  2. overnights
    ‘The L Word’ Season Finale: You Have Got to Be KiddingA lesbian show that’s dabbled in Turkish oil wrestling turns its season-finale focus to “core values”?
  3. trailer mix
    ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ Trailer: There’s Something About Judd ApatowWatching the just-released trailer for next May’s Sarah Marshall, we can’t help but wonder how it’s possible that it doesn’t star Ben Stiller.
  4. the comics page
    Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘I Killed Adolf Hitler’Today on the Comics Page, we’re proud to present an excerpt from I Killed Adolf Hitler, a freaky, deadpan comic adventure by Norwegian artist Jason, out now from Fantagraphics Books.
  5. strike zone
    Are Celebrities Doing Enough for the Striking Writers?As the writers strike continues into its second day, it’s time we asked the hard question that’s surely on everyone’s mind: Are celebrities doing enough?
  6. the industry
    Jennifer Connelly and Keanu Reeves Stop the WorldPlus industry news about Radiohead, Sheryl Crow, and the Decemberists.
  7. the comics page
    Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘The Golem’s Mighty Swing’
  8. the comics page
    Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘The Golem’s Mighty Swing’
  9. right-click
    The More You Ignore Him …
  10. in the magazine
    Edward Tufte and the Triumph of Good Design: Another Case Study
  11. quote machine
    John Travolta Finds Kindred Spirit in Herman Munster
  12. roll credits
    Out of the Nest
  13. news reel
    Keri Russell Likes to Play Dress Up
  14. news reel
    A Vote for Obama Is a Vote for Michael Chabon