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Thank God

  1. thank god
    I Think You Should Leave Returns for Season Two on July 6In the meantime, watch a beautiful music medley honoring season one.
  2. thank god
    The Nanny to Bring Some Joie de Vivre to HBO MaxFinally.
  3. thank god
    Amber Ruffin’s Reign on Peacock Will Continue Into 2021NBC’s streaming service has ordered ten more episodes of her show.
  4. thank god
    Adele Leaked Her Own Album-Release MonthWe love a talkative queen.
  5. thank god
    Tracy Morgan Spoke to God In His Coma“Do you know what God said to me? He said, ‘Your room ain’t ready. I still got something for you to do.’”
  6. thank god
    Steven Spielberg Has Been Thanked More Than God in Oscar Acceptance SpeechesActually, God didn’t even crack the top five.
  7. thank god
    Downton Abbey Renewed for Season 5In case Edith needs an extra year.
  8. thank god
    TBS Picked Up Cougar TownThe cul-de-sac crew is safe!