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  1. let us give thanks
    For This Year’s Thanksgiving Miracle, Kaley Cuoco Helps Save a Baby Sea LionWatch for The Thanksgiving Sea Lion, hitting theaters next November.
  2. audio
    Macy’s Apologizes for All of That Crummy Thanksgiving Day Parade Lip-syncingEt tu, Rita Ora?!
  3. this week in late night
    Late Night’s 2018 Thanksgiving Food Segments, RankedHere’s how late-night hosts celebrated Thanksgiving this week.
  4. happy thanksgiving
    Meek Mill Gave Fans Two New Songs to Be Grateful for This ThanksgivingMeek debuted “Oodles O’ Noodles Babies” on The Tonight Show.
  5. this week in web videos
    Two Thanksgiving Treats: Selfsgiving and a Porn Star’s SpeechPrepare for the holiday with these two very funny videos.
  6. recommendations
    15 Movies to Watch This Thanksgiving WeekendFrom Widows to The Long Dumb Road to Ralph Breaks the Internet, these are the movies to check out during the holiday.
  7. vulture recommends
    WKRP in Cincinnati Had the Best Thanksgiving Episode Ever“Turkeys Away” is still the most quintessential, uproarious Thanksgiving episode of a sitcom.
  8. viewing guide
    What to Watch and Stream This Thanksgiving WeekendYour TV marathon planning starts here.
  9. vulture lists
    7 New Audiobooks Tailor-made to Help You Survive the HolidaysFeed your brain with Twain, Jack Reacher, and the Beastie Boys while your body endures the tedium of cooking and travel.
  10. vulture lists
    A Definitive Ranking of Friends Thanksgiving EpisodesMissing toes, Brad Pitt, and Chandler in a box.
  11. snl
    SNL Revisits a Classic German Thanksgiving Song“Life is short, and love is rare. Now we do the Turkey Dance.”
  12. How to Stream the NFL Football Games on ThanksgivingIt’s Vikings vs. Lions, Chargers vs. Cowboys, and then, for the masochists, Giants vs. Redskins.
  13. The Crown and Other Shows to Watch on ThanksgivingIt is our solemn duty to eat too much food, collapse onto a sofa, then binge-watch television in a tryptophan-induced haze.
  14. mannequin challenge
    Yes, Taylor Swift Did the Mannequin Challenge, TooBecause, of course.
  15. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Works the Butterball HotlineIf your mom has been on the phone talking about turkey for the last week, this is why.
  16. Stephen Colbert Works His Annual Shift at the Butterball Turkey Talk-LineHere’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert continues his new yearly tradition of serving as a turkey expert at […]
  17. what to watch
    What TV Should I Watch This Thanksgiving?It’s a four-day weekend for many people. That’s a lot of time to catch up on TV.
  18. Here’s the Trailer for go90’s ‘Thanksgiving’ Starring Chris Elliott, Amy […]Verizon’s go90 has a new comedy series debuting next week. Variety reports that the streaming service has added a half-hour scripted comedy […]
  19. the muppets take manhattan
    Muppets to Take Over Macy’s Thanksgiving ParadeKermit and his squad start the march.
  20. friends countdown
    Friends Countdown: Here Is What the Geller Cup Looks Like NowDay 2: The One With the Football.
  21. hanksgiving
    How to Prepare Your Hanksgiving MealWe’ve designed a menu (with actual delicious recipes) for a Hanksgiving feast.
  22. diversions
    Thirteen New Movies to See (or Not See) This ThanksgivingYou know, instead of talking to your family.
  23. cheek by jowl
    Life of Pi vs. Life of a Pie: A Character Squares Off Against a DessertOne would be delicious and one would be delicious to a tiger.
  24. breaking bad
    Celebrate a Breaking Bad Thanksgiving“You know what they say, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”
  25. larry david
    Spend Thanksgiving With Animated Larry DavidCurb your expectations.
  26. videos
    The National Cover Linda’s Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving SongIt’s happy, sad, and delicious.
  27. rebecca black
    Rebecca Black’s Svengali Debuts New Song and Thanksgiving-Loving TweenWhat if Rebecca Black was really into turkey?
  28. tv
    Charlie Brown Pulls Higher Rating Than A Very Gaga ThanksgivingBut reruns of one sitcom beat them both.
  29. vulture recommends
    Today in Vulture Recommends: Nitsuh Abebe Gets ChillyWintry songs from our pop critic.
  30. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: A Cornucopia of New DVDsOne turkey, twelve angry men, and Scream 4, from Miranda Siegel.
  31. lady gaga
    Watch a Preview of Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving SpecialGaga goes gobble gobble.
  32. lady gaga
    ABC’s Happy Thanks-Gaga-givingDon’t worry, you don’t have to wear the turkey before you eat it.
  33. roll credits
    Happy Thanksgiving!We’ll be back Sunday night.
  34. Classics: ‘26-Year-Old To See Every Asshole He Ever Went To High School […]This one from The Onion is two years old, but is worth a revisit today for many of us: 26-Year-Old To See Every Asshole He Ever Went To High […]
  35. Your Recipe For a Traditional Quaaludes and Pumpkin Pie New from Aaron Glaser and 30 Rock’s Sue Galloway is this lovely recipe for quaaludes and pumpkin pie. Just in time for Thanksgiving! If you […]
  36. Your Guide to Distracting Yourself From Your Family with Comedy This […]It’s the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, which means lots of travel and lots of family time. It’s a double-edged sword: it’s always nice to see […]
  37. Marc Maron on Cooking: ‘The idea that I could do something giving and […]Marc Maron wrote an essay about his love of cooking, specifically on Thanksgiving, for Saveur: “I started to appreciate cooking in college […]
  38. glee
    NBC: No Glee Allowed at Thanksgiving Day ParadeThe cast of Fox’s ‘Glee’ had been set to perform. Until NBC found out.
  39. parades
    David Archuleta to Save ThanksgivingRightful ‘American Idol’ winner David Archuleta will appear in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 27.