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The 90s

  1. the big game
    An Ode to the Varsity Blues ‘I Don’t Want Your Life’ SpeechA ’90s artifact that has endured the ravages of time.
  2. movies
    The Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky Drama Linda and Monica Heads to AmazonFlint Wainess’s screenplay made the Black List in 2016.
  3. People in ’90s Movies Had No Idea How Computers Worked▶️ It’s embarrassing, really.
  4. superheroes
    The Dream of the ’90s Is Alive in the Next X-Men MovieA producer confirmed the era of the planned sequel.
  5. vulture remix
    Watch The Hunger Games Become a ’90s Action MoviePrime yourself for Mockingjay — Part 2 with our latest Vulture Remix.
  6. Watch Judd Apatow and Maria Bamford Remember the ’90s As part of a series on the ‘90s for Vanity Fair, here’s a video of Judd Apatow and Maria Bamford reminiscing about the biggest moments of […]
  7. An Animated Patton Oswalt Tells of a Life-Changing Magical Black Gentleman Who do you think that cool San Francisco comedian was modeled after? He looks like a cross between Greg Proops and 90s Marc Maron. Now those […]
  8. Funny Songs Performed in Comedy Movies Released as Singles to Promote […] This was a curious promotional thing in the ‘90s and slightly beyond, back when music videos were a relevant cultural force. A funny […]
  9. Here’s a 20-Year-Old Video of Patton Oswalt and Marc Maron Doing Standup […]There is something quaint, almost reassuring, about watching Patton Oswalt as a stammering host, wearing a white on white ensemble, nervously […]