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  1. welp
    Academy Says It ‘Will Take a Few Weeks’ to Investigate the SlapWill Smith reportedly met with the Academy’s president and CEO to apologize before disciplinary procedures began.
  2. oscars 2022
    Will Smith Resigns From Academy Membership After Oscars Slap“I want to put the focus back on those who deserve attention for their achievements,” he said in a new statement.
  3. oscars
    Damn, the Academy Asked Out Steven Yeun and Robert Pattinson Before You CouldThey’re invited to join the Academy’s class of 2021 alongside Maria Bakalova, Janet Jackson, and 391 more.
  4. oscars 2022
    Oscars Push 2022 Ceremony to Late March to Make You Miss Them a Little BitThe Academy is going to make it 1997 again through science or magic.
  5. the gold rush
    Why the Oscars Should Revert to Two Best Original Score Categories25 years ago, the Oscars tried to thwart Disney and split their Original Score category in two. They should go back.
  6. oscars 2021
    2021 Oscars to Air From ‘Multiple Locations,’ Including Dolby TheatreDon’t worry, the Dolby Theatre’s still included.
  7. the academy
    The Academy Reportedly Planning in-Person 2021 OscarsMultiple insiders have countered these reports, saying that no decision has been reached about whether or not the ceremony will be in person.
  8. the oscars
    What the Oscars’ New Diversity Initiative Does — and Doesn’t— DoStarting in 2024, Best Picture nominees must hit two of the Academy’s four new diversity and inclusion standards, or be disqualified.
  9. the academy
    The Academy Announces New Representation and Inclusion StandardsThe standards will apply to Best Picture nominees.
  10. lawsuits
    Producer Sues the Academy Over ‘Bland, Formulaic’ Social Media Presence“It is the Academy’s stubborn refusal to engage the audience on social media that dooms the Oscars to a has-been awards show.”
  11. the academy
    The Oscars Blew ItIn choosing to extend the Academy’s eligibility window for the 2021 ceremony, it missed out on the chance to do something really special.
  12. the academy
    The Oscars Are Opening Up More Seats at the Best Picture TableThe Academy is taking new steps to not be so white.
  13. some good news
    Ava DuVernay and Whoopi Goldberg Elected to The Academy’s Board of GovernorsThe number of female Academy governors increased from 25 to 26, and people of color increased from 11 to 12.
  14. auteur theory
    Steven Spielberg Is Continuing His Quest to Ban Netflix at the OscarsHe wants, no, demands, a few rule changes.
  15. whoops
    Just Kidding! The Oscars Will Air All Awards During the TelecastAnyone have one of those Men In Black mind wipe devices handy? Asking for a friend at the Academy.
  16. about time
    Academy Shamed Into Allowing All 5 Original Song Nominees to Perform at OscarsWell, well, well!
  17. the academy
    Roman Polanski Threatens Lawsuit Over Academy Expulsion“Mr. Polanski has a right to go to court and require your organization to follow its own procedures, as well as California law,” his attorney said.
  18. the industry
    Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski Expelled from Oscars AcademyThe board of governors voted that the men violated the newly implemented rules governing Academy members’ conduct.
  19. the industry
    Academy President Cleared Following Sexual-Harassment InvestigationThe Academy found no wrongdoing.
  20. the industry
    Academy President John Bailey Under Investigation for Sexual HarassmentJohn Bailey was elected last August.
  21. Oscars Academy Releases ‘Standards of Conduct’ for MembersThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences sent a post-Weinstein letter to its members.
  22. Harvey Weinstein Has Been Kicked Out of the Academy“What’s at issue here is a deeply troubling problem that has no place in our society,” the Academy’s Board of Governors said in a statement.
  23. the academy
    New Academy President Wants to Include More International Voters for DiversityHe was a dark horse in the race, where Laura Dern was a favorite.
  24. movies
    All Four Hollywood Chrises Are Now Members of the AcademyHonorary Hollywood Chris Channing Tatum was also invited to become a member of the Academy.
  25. oscars 2017
    Academy President Promises Oscars Changes to ‘Ensure This Never Happens Again’Cheryl Boone Isaacs addressed PwC, Beatty and Dunaway, and more in a note to Academy members.
  26. oscars 2017
    The Accounting Firm Behind Oscar Voting Apologizes for the Best Picture Mix-up“We are currently investigating how this could have happened, and deeply regret that this occurred.”
  27. oscars
    Arrival, Silence, Manchester Scores DisqualifiedThe Academy determined the films did not have a “substantial body of music.”
  28. birth of a nation
    Cheryl Boone Isaacs on Nate Parker Controversy“The important thing is for people to see it, and enjoy the film, be impressed by the film.”
  29. #oscarssowhite
    Oscars Chiefs Respond to Rule-Changes BacklashAcademy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs and CEO Dawn Hudson shut down claims of ageism.
  30. #oscarssowhite
    Animal House’s Flounder Not Into Academy’s RulesHe penned an open letter saying the organization’s inclusion problem “is an integrity issue, not a racism issue.”
  31. #oscarssowhite
    New Academy FAQs Say Org Wants ‘Credibility’Also: “Voting for the Oscars is a privilege of membership, not a right.”
  32. #oscarssowhite
    DGA President Wants More Than Academy Changes“This alone will do little to create more choices and get more films and television made that reflect the diversity we all deserve.”
  33. #oscarssowhite
    Academy Promises to Fix Oscar Diversity Issues“The Academy is going to lead and not wait for the industry to catch up.”
  34. #oscarssowhite
    Academy Might Improve Diversity Early Next WeekInsiders told the Times that the best-picture category could open back up to ten nominees.
  35. #oscarssowhite
    David Oyelowo Slams the Academy in Speech to Its President, Cheryl Boone Isaacs“I am an Academy member and it doesn’t reflect me, and it doesn’t reflect this nation.”
  36. #oscarssowhite
    Academy Pens ‘Heartbroken’ Diversity StatementThe words come on the heels of major #OscarsSoWhite fallout.
  37. The Oscars May Go Back to 5 Best Picture NomsWell, that didn’t last long.
  38. documentaries
    One of These Films Will Win the Best Documentary OscarLife Itself, Citizenfour, and more.
  39. oscars
    The Academy Relaxes Its Oscar-Voting RulesMembers will now be allowed to watch more obscure nominees on DVD.
  40. technical difficulties
    Oscars E-Voting Is Not Going Too SmoothlyPasswords are hard.
  41. jean-luc godard
    Jean-Luc Godard’s Honorary Oscar Will Have to Be Mailed to HimBecause he didn’t show up to get it last night.
  42. the academy
    Jackman, Others Join the AcademyAmong the famous people invited to join as voting members are stars who either hosted, won awards, or helped out at last year’s Oscar ceremony.