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The Addams Family

  1. castings
    Charlize Theron Is the Morticia to Oscar Isaac’s Gomez in Animated Addams FamilyAlso on board are Bette Middler, Allison Janney, Nick Kroll, and more.
  2. ‘The Addams Family’ Is Coming Back as an Animated MovieOne of the original horror comedies is returning. The Addams Family, which originated as a single panel New Yorker cartoon in the 1930s and […]
  3. adaptations
    Get Ready for a New Addams Family MovieAn animated one.
  4. broadway
    Green Day’s Idiot Proves to Be Broadway Hit’Cage Aux Folles’ and ‘Addams Family’ doing pretty well, too.
  5. party lines
    Lane, Neuwirth at Addams Family Opening NightAs well as Billy Crystal, Fernando Lamas, and Antonio Banderas.
  6. party chat
    Broderick: Don’t Buy the Ferris Bueller Ferrari“My memory of that car is that it often didn’t start.”
  7. drama
    Bebe Neuwirth Angry About Reduced Addams Family Role, Says SatanNathan Lane: “Michael Riedel — or as I like to call him, Rosemary’s Baby.”
  8. reboots
    Tim Burton to Do a 3-D Addams FamilyHe’s rebooting the franchise in three dimensions and using stop-motion animation for Universal.
  9. the industry
    Justin Bartha to Flex His PipesPlus: ‘The Addams Family’ and zombies!
  10. the industry
    Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams to Remember the Days When Things Didn’t SuckPlus: Hedy Lamarr, scientist?
  11. the industry
    Keira Knightley’s Organs Are in High DemandPlus: ‘The Addams Family’ musical sets dates.
  12. broadwaypocalypse
    Addams Family Musical Sets a DateApril 8, 2010!
  13. spooky
    Broadway to Welcome Morticia, Cousin Itt in 2010A musical based on Charles Addams’s ‘The Addams Family’ cartoons will premiere in Chicago in 2009, before a Broadway opening the following year.
  14. the early-evening news
    Coldplay Saves Music BusinessPlus: Nathan Lane is playing Gomez Addams, and Kanye is upset about something.
  15. the industry
    The Addams Family Lurches to Broadway