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The Adventures Of Tintin

  1. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: Contraband Takes in Some Real MoneyBeauty and the Beast in 3-D comes in No. 2.
  2. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: The Devil Inside Scares Up $34 MillionDespite horrible reviews and audience reactions.
  3. best of 2011
    David Edelstein’s Favorite Performances From 2011And a few of his worsts, as well.
  4. Which Movie Was More ‘Spielbergian’: War Horse or Tintin?A boy, his trusted animal sidekick, and a ton of set pieces … but which had the most Spielberg flair?
  5. Your Box Office Explained: Dragon Has Nothing on Tom CruiseNobody bought A Zoo.
  6. Simon Pegg on Tom Cruise, Tintin, and Keeping Secrets“All the myths about Tom Cruise are generally dispelled when you meet him. He’s not particularly short.”
  7. close reading
    The Adventures of Tintin Is a Lot Like Indiana JonesAt least according to all the reviews.
  8. Andy Serkis on Tintin, the Apes Sequel, and His Surprising Hobbit Gig“I got over my embarrassment about wearing a very tight spandex suit when I was wearing it 6,000 feet up a volcano in front of 200 crew members.”
  9. movie review
    Movie Review: The Bigger, Better Adventures of TintinSpielberg becomes the slapstick-action wizard of his (and our) wildest dreams.
  10. Steven Spielberg: ‘I’m Tintin. I’m Also a Goonie’“I could never be anything like Indiana Jones.”
  11. Why the Great Directors Should Leave 3-D to the Shlockmeisters3-D is perfect for gross-outs and gratuitous violence, not the subtle work of Spielberg, Scorsese, and Pixar.
  12. trailer mix
    Full Tintin Trailer: A Sweeping Adventure Through the Uncanny ValleyThe new trailer finally gets it right.
  13. comic-con
    The Biggest Problem With the Tintin Movie Might Be Tintin HimselfAt the Comic-Con panel, he wasn’t looking so good.
  14. the industry
    Daniel Craig and Jamie Bell Hop Aboard the Tintin TrainPlus: Hilary Duff in, uh, a new ‘Bonnie and Clyde.’
  15. hilarious brits
    Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Make Us Slightly Excited for Non-Exciting Spielberg MovieWho cares if the movie’s based on a Belgian comic strip from the forties, or if Pegg and Frost probably won’t get to kill any zombies or elderly in it!
  16. Paramount Coldly Denies Blank Check to Steven Spielberg and Peter JacksonSpielberg has hilariously been denied funding for ‘The Adventures of Tintin.’