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The Amazing Race

  1. last night on late night
    Samantha Bee Introduces Full Frontal’s Globe-trotting ‘Apology Race’It’s like The Amazing Race, but with much more apologizing on the behalf of the entire United States.
  2. casting couch
    Social-Media Stars Taking Over The Amazing RaceJerry Bruckheimer knows what the youths are into these days.
  3. Odds on The Amazing Race Blind-Date CouplesDo these strangers have a fighting chance?
  4. vulture lists
    The 10 Most Amazing Amazing Race InjuriesIs this a watermelon I see before me?
  5. reality rumble
    Real Housewives Atlanta S2 vs. Amazing Race S5Mirna vs. Nene! Schmirna vs. “Who gonna check me, boo?!”
  6. awards
    Anderson Cooper, Smash Win at GLAAD AwardsAs does The Amazing Race.
  7. Premiere Week Ratings — Sunday: An Okay Start for RevengeBut how ‘bout those Simpsons!
  8. overnights
    Amazing Race Finale Recap: Baby, They Got Me In All Sorts of Tight StuffDancing the samba, Brazilian waxes, and a tricycle race determined this season’s winner.
  9. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: Gnome Sweet GnomeSomehow we’re already at the penultimate episode!
  10. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: He Used to Have Dreams About Sleeping With His MamaWhat would Freud have had to say about Kent and Vyxsin?
  11. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: I’m Glad We Didn’t Have to Get in Those ThongsSomeone jumped in the Ganges river last night, while other teams played with poop. Seriously.
  12. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: I Can’t Disco When I’m PaintingYou probably didn’t notice, but last night’s episode had a lot of references to tea.
  13. breaking
    CBS Greenlights Amazing Race and Undercover BossPhil Keoghan’s eyebrow will remain arched a bit longer.
  14. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: I Am a Goat, I Am a TigerDid you go into this episode with PMA? We hope so.
  15. overnights
    The Amazing Race Recap: Guess I’ll Learn to Keep My Mouth ShutA lot of mud-slinging went down in Japan.
  16. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: I Need You to Get Me Some ChildrenIt’s time for a roo’d awakening!
  17. overnights
    The Amazing Race Finale Recap: May the Force (and a Kindly Stewardess) Be With YouOne team’s finagling their way to first class on the final flight seals their victory.
  18. overnights
    The Amazing Race Recap: Mind Over BladderBrent begs Caite to let him urinate during a Detour, but she has no sympathy for his shaking hands.
  19. overnights
    The Amazing Race Recap: Sputtering in ShanghaiThe world’s formerly smallest man makes a non sequitur of an appearance, while Michael’s inability to solve a puzzle brings back memories of the Globetrotters unscrambling “Kafka.”
  20. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: U-Turned in SingaporeWhen one team U-Turns another, the victims bitterly trash-talk all the way across the land.
  21. overnights
    The Amazing Race Recap: We Need a Better Class of VillainThe teams take a sweaty dash through Malaysia, as the cowboys fight elimination. But is it much of a fight?
  22. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: Hit In the CoconutsIn the Seychelles, teams are foiled by a single dropped coconut. Plus, the awkward product placement of the week!
  23. overnights
    The Amazing Race Recap: Break Out the BubblyIn the Champagne Thunderdome, two clueless teams enter, and one clueless team leaves.
  24. overnights
    Race Recap: War Reenactment Is HellThe biggest casualty from a WWI battlefield comes with a U-Turn.
  25. overnights
    Race Recap: Sauerkraut and BeerThe teams easily vanquish the Hamburg sauerkraut and beer challenges, though they likely finish with the worst breath ever.
  26. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: Oscar Roadblock!The ‘Race’ recap has been postponed for 24 hours on account of celebrity self-congratulation.
  27. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: Get Back on the Fake HorseThe cowboys easily handle the ranchlike tasks, while everyone else is confounded by even a fake horse.
  28. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: Dope vs. Dope vs. ProducersJed and Cord emerge as heroes, while Jeff and Jordan show the advantages of knowing you’re not that bright.
  29. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: More stereotypes than ever!Two ‘Big Brother’ alums and a beauty-pageant contestant famous for inarticulateness lead the pack.
  30. unreal
    Soon Every Person Alive Will Have Appeared on Survivor or The Amazing RaceCBS’ favorite outdoor reality competitions are renewed.
  31. kudos
    The Emmys: How the Hell Did Jeff Probst Beat Ryan Seacrest?This is a travesty.
  32. kudos
    What Is It With the Emmys and ‘American Idol’?Is American Idol the greatest reality show ever?