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The Amazing Spider Man 2

  1. Every Emma Stone Movie, Ranked From Worst to BestFrom Superbad to Battle of the Sexes, she’s shown astonishing range in a decade onscreen.
  2. serious actors
    Dane DeHaan, Please Stick to Indie MoviesHis performance in Valerian shows that DeHaan’s strength is in the movies he’s stopped making.
  3. comic-book movies
    Marvel Says Peter Parker Must Always Be a Straight White Guy OnscreenAccording to a leaked contract with Sony.
  4. web-slinger philosophy
    Brian Michael Bendis On Comics, Online Sexism“You know what Captain America would never do? Go online anonymously and shit on a girl for having an opinion.”
  5. weekend box office
    X-Men: Days of Future Past Wins Memorial Day Box OfficeWith the franchise’s best-ever opening.
  6. box office gold
    Godzilla Crushes Weekend Box Office CompetitionSorry, Neighbors.
  7. money
    10 Reasons Why Neighbors Was a HitHow did Seth Rogen beat Spider-Man?
  8. weekend box office
    Neighbors Moves Into Weekend Box Office It defeated The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the top spot.
  9. just stop
    Reminder: No One Cares About Spider-Man’s ParentsAnd yet the Amazing Spider-Man series keeps pushing their backstory on us.
  10. interview
    Pat Kiernan on His Role in Amazing Spider-Man 2“I’ve sent reply-all emails to the newsroom before saying, ‘Please don’t be alarmed if you hear me talking about the end of the world.’”
  11. party chat
    Spider-Man 2 Producer Avi Arad on Gwen StacySpidey spoilers ahead.
  12. monday morning movie club
    Let’s Discuss the Amazing Spider-Man 2 EndingIncluding you know what.
  13. fan fights
    Weirdest Debate in Spider-Man History Rages OnA tale of backstabbing and physics.
  14. review roundup
    Review Roundup: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Belongs to Emma StoneShe’s basically a national treasure.
  15. summer movie preview 2014
    Here Are Your Summer Movie Sequels in Infographic FormThe Amazing Spider-Man 2, Think Like a Man Too, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and more.
  16. movie review
    Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2No fanboy will pass this one up.
  17. when a spider-man loves a woman
    Photos: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Are the Ultimate Red-Carpet Sweethearts22 photos of two movie stars being super cute together.
  18. the big reveal
    Secret Amazing Spider-Man 2 Credit Sequence Reveals Sinister SixAnd you can watch them now, if you have a smartphone!
  19. party chat
    Why Andrew Garfield Thought He Wasn’t Worth ItAlso, his thoughts on the Sinister Six spinoff.
  20. consumer guide
    Summer Movie Preview 2014: Which Movies Should You Watch, Stream, or Skip?This year’s version of Eff, Marry, Kill.
  21. crossovers
    Why an X-Men Clip Will Play After Spider-Man 2’s CreditsIt has to do with (500) Days of Summer.
  22. right-click
    Listen to Pharrell’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 Song“Let’s get new GPSs.”
  23. inside looks
    7 Things to Know About The Amazing Spider-Man 2Including more hints about … you know what.
  24. secrets revealed
    B.J. Novak’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 Role RevealedBy director Marc Webb.
  25. trailer mix
    Super Bowl Ads: Which Movies Came Out on Top?From Captain America: The Winter Soldier to Transformers: Age of Extinction.
  26. movies
    Felicity Jones: Cautious, Overprepared Actress; Reckless, Unrepentant JaywalkerShe’s taking on her biggest project since 2011’s Like Crazy with a Ralph Fiennes–directed period drama.
  27. comic-book movies
    Superhero Movies Are Getting Too GreedyToo many villains, way too many heroes, and now there’s all this “world-building” … can’t these franchises just concentrate on being good?
  28. trailer mix
    Watch the First Amazing Spider-Man 2 TrailerPaul Giamatti, Jamie Foxx, and Dane DeHaan kill Andrew Garfield’s vibe.
  29. chat room
    Andrew Garfield on Spidey and Michael B. Jordan“Sean from The Bachelor … If I met him, I’d be like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Sean Lowe!’”
  30. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Andrew Garfield Went Totally Method at the Spider-Man PanelHe dressed in costume and stayed in character.
  31. teasers
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Teaser: Electro UnchainedGet a load at Jamie Foxx, huh?
  32. comic-con 2013
    The Eleven Comic-Con Panels We’re Most Excited AboutVeronica Mars! Catching Fire! The Walking Dead!
  33. sexy spidey
    Michael B. Jordan Is Spider-Man’s Ideal Lover“Why can’t we discover that Peter is exploring his sexuality?”
  34. the amazing spider-man 2
    See the Wonderful Faces of Paul Giamatti in The Amazing Spider-Man 2He’s playing a character named “the Rhino.”
  35. on to the next one
    Shailene Woodley’s Mary Jane Cut From The Amazing Spider-Man 2Her story is being pushed to the third film in the series.
  36. vulture on set
    On Set Photos: The Amazing Spider-Man 2Foxx’s scene, shot in and around Times Square the night of April 15, drew a crowd of hundreds.
  37. this thing looks like that thing
    Everything Jamie Foxx Looks Like in The Amazing Spider-Man 2Sort of like a blue Landry, wouldn’t you say?
  38. villain revealed
    This Is Jamie Foxx in Blue Spider-Man 2 Makeup Rebecca Romijn he is not.
  39. casting couch
    Chris Cooper Joins The Amazing Spider-Man 2 As a very important bad guy.
  40. casting couch
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Wants Paul Giamatti As a VillainHe’d join Jamie Foxx.
  41. casting couch
    Dane DeHaan Will Play Harry Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man SequelNo, it’s not James Franco dressed like a teenager.
  42. casting
    Shailene Woodley in Talks for Spider-Man SequelShe’d play Mary Jane.
  43. spider-men
    Marc Webb Will Direct The Amazing Spider-Man 22014: It’s closer than you think.
  44. advance notice
    Amazing Spider-Man Sequel Already Has 2014 Release DateWhat are you doing in three years?