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The Amazing Spider Man

  1. backstories
    90 Branzinos Later: The Story Behind The Amazing Spider-Man’s Awkward DinnerSeven years after its debut, why does the fish loom so large in our memories? The food stylist responsible for it all explains.
  2. vulture lists
    Every Emma Stone Movie, Ranked From Worst to BestFrom Superbad to Battle of the Sexes, she’s shown astonishing range in a decade onscreen.
  3. does whatever a [record scratch] fish!? can
    Did You Catch the Amazing Spider-Man Shout-out in Spider-Man: Homecoming?A friendly neighborhood allusion to the Andrew Garfield–and–Emma Stone era.
  4. spider-shade
    Kirsten Dunst States an Objectively True Fact: ‘Everyone Likes Our Spider-Man“Listen, I’d rather be in the first ones than the new ones.”
  5. the ugly truth
    Andrew Garfield: Spider-Man Was ‘Heartbreaking’Garfield last appeared as Spidey in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  6. disses
    Sally Field Really Did Not Care for Spider-Man“It’s not my kind of movie.”
  7. marvel
    It’s Stan Lee’s UniverseHe built Marvel Comics and laid the foundation for today’s blockbuster superhero movies, and has changed pop culture as we know it. Here’s how.
  8. comic-book movies
    Marvel Says Peter Parker Must Always Be a Straight White Guy OnscreenAccording to a leaked contract with Sony.
  9. when a spider-man loves a woman
    Photos: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Are the Ultimate Red-Carpet Sweethearts22 photos of two movie stars being super cute together.
  10. movie franchises
    Sony to Avengers-ize Their Spider-Man FranchiseVenom and the Sinister Six are each getting their own movies.
  11. vulture lists
    Live-Action Marvel TV Shows Before Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Jessica Walter as a witch! Thor as a beach babe! Mutants in the grunge era!
  12. the amazing spider-man
    Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spider-ManBut, really, how are there zero security cameras?
  13. the amazing spider-man
    Watch Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s Amazing Spider-Man Screen TestNailed it!
  14. the amazing spider-man
    Watch an Honest Trailer for The Amazing Spider-ManFeaturing Denis Leary as “Detective Murphy McIrish.”
  15. the amazing spider-man
    Watch a Deleted Scene From The Amazing Spider-ManBut, really, does it matter?
  16. ah memories
    Things We Can’t Forget From This Summer’s MoviesAlso, we talk about the chems.
  17. superhero groupthink
    This Summer’s Comic Movies Have Similar EndingsSpoilers, obviously.
  18. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: Ice Age Wins the Mid-Batman/Spider-Man SlotThe fourth entry in the prehistoric animated series made $46 million this weekend.
  19. box office zilch
    Ice Age 4 Bumps Spider-Man From Box Office LeadBut it’s not doing as well as Ice Ages 1, 2, or 3.
  20. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: July Fourth EditionSavages gets squeezed out, but could it increase its haul this upcoming weekend?
  21. box office gold
    The Amazing Spider-Man Leaps to the Top of the Box OfficeWith Ted poised to unseat The Hangover as R-rated comedy king.
  22. vulture quiz
    Pop Quiz! Who Hates Stardom More: Garfield, Stone, Pattinson or Stewart?Match these fifteen quotes to the correct fame-eschewing blockbuster couple.
  23. important questions
    Five Ways The Amazing Spider-Man Differs From the Previous FilmsIt’s arguable that this latest web-slinging film contradicts its own Hollywood canon more than any other superhero reboot.
  24. deleted scenes
    What Was Cut From The Amazing Spider-Man?Several deleted scenes have been shown before.
  25. chat room
    Denis Leary Is Very Impressed by Andrew Garfield“I’m supposed to be intimidating Andrew’s character, and at one point, [the director] kneeled down to tell me, ‘You got to step it up.’ And I went, ‘Holy sh-t.’”
  26. david edelstein
    Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-ManWe ought to shun cynical reboots like this. But for all its underlying cynicism, the new Spidey picture is pretty damn good.
  27. party chat
    Andrew Garfield ‘Always Felt Like Peter Parker’“I was a skinny, short kid, and I felt stronger on the inside than I was on the outside.”
  28. the amazing spider-man
    Amazing Spider-Man Poised to Get Money, AcclaimBox office prognosticating and early reviews have begun.
  29. profile
    Emma Stone’s Spidey Sense Is TinglingShe knows you’re watching her.
  30. perfect bedhead
    Watch Spider-Man Cast Discuss Perfect BedheadStone: “He’s got a mane on him.”
  31. the amazing spider-man
    Watch Video Diary Entries From Dr. Curt ConnorsAnd then he became the Lizard!
  32. clickables
    Watch Yet Another Amazing Spider-Man TrailerFrom Australia. With new stuff.
  33. chat room
    Andrew Garfield Explains His Weird YouTube Video“That was just me and Emma taking the piss.”
  34. the amazing spider-man
    Watch Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Sing in GermanDon’t know German? Doesn’t matter.
  35. clickables
    Watch a Four-Minute Amazing Spider-Man TrailerThat’s some kind of percentage of the whole actual movie.
  36. villains
    Meet The Amazing Spider-Man Villain, the LizardPlayed by Rhys Ifans.
  37. the amazing spider-man
    Check Out Some International Posters for The Amazing Spider-ManSo does that mean Emma Stone speaks Chinese?
  38. torch-passing
    Tobey Maguire Interviewed Andrew Garfield, SweetlyFrom one Spider-Man to another.
  39. trailer mix
    The New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer: Hi, Lizard!He’s scaly and ready to party.
  40. the amazing spider-man
    Get a First Look at the Lizard in Amazing Spider-ManHe looks nice!
  41. vulture's summer movie preview
    Blockbuster Math: What’s the Formula for 2012’s Summer Movies?Rock of Ages = Poison, Warrant, and Whitesnake x a half-off wig sale at Spencer Gifts
  42. vulture's summer movie preview
    An Infographic Guide to This Summer’s MoviesHelpful pie charts and graphs explaining Battleship, Magic Mike, Prometheus, and more.
  43. party chat
    Paul Feig Wrote Some of Amazing Spider-Man“For one of the high school scenes.”
  44. vulture's summer movie preview
    Spider-Man and the Half-Life of the Movie RebootToys and tone play a big part in deciding when it’s the right time to press reset.
  45. the amazing spider-man
    See the Final New Poster for The Amazing Spider-ManPhew! Now we can rest! No more posters!
  46. easter eggs
    Amazing Spider-Man Will Include Donald Glover, SomehowAs an “Easter egg.”
  47. emma stone
    Find Out Whether Emma Stone Prefers Making Out With Andrew Garfield or Ryan GoslingShe also has a fear of spiders, which is ironic because … well, you know.
  48. clickables
    Watch Some Web-Shooting in a New Amazing Spider-Man ClipSpidey gets sassy.
  49. the amazing spider-man
    Watch a Clip From The Amazing Spider-ManWhat, Garfield, you’ve never met a pushy doorman before?
  50. clickables
    See the Package Spider-Man Sent SlashFilmViral marketing at its most corporeal.
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