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The Americans Finale

  1. close reads
    ‘With or Without You’ Was the Perfect Choice for The Americans FinaleGiven the connection between the lyrics and the story, it’s a perfect song selection. But there are U2-related reasons that make it even more fitting.
  2. The Tragedy of Henry Jennings in The Americans Series FinaleHenry was the show’s punch line for years, but in the end, his role paid off in a massively emotional way.
  3. Where Will Paige Jennings Be in 10 Years? Holly Taylor Has a TheoryIt involves vodka and cats.
  4. close reads
    The Meaning of Elizabeth’s Dream in The Americans FinaleIt’s a moving view into a woman skilled at building boundaries between herself and the world around her.
  5. Vulture Asks: How Will The Americans End?Has the show made a nihilist out of you? Or are you still a romantic in this cold, cold world?
  6. close reads
    Mother Russia and Uncle Sam: The Americans’ Many Overbearing ParentsEvery institution, as well as every character, is at some point defined as a parent or a child.
  7. chat room
    The Americans’ Joel Fields on Killing for Love“Who wouldn’t want to be married to someone who would kill for you?”
  8. listen
    ‘The Vulture TV Podcast’: The Americans EditionAll Americans, all the time.
  9. the evil empire
    What March 8, 1983 Means for The AmericansAnd what it can tell us about next season.
  10. rankings
    Ranking The Americans’ Third-Season Horror StoriesThe stuff of nightmares.