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  1. the resistance
    The Activism of Elizabeth and Paige on The AmericansIf the show had more pop-culture appeal, you might have seen Elizabeth’s face on banners at the Women’s March.
  2. close reads
    Why The Americans Premiere Feels Like an ’80s Teen MovieDon’t you, forget about Paige.
  3. the americans
    The Americans Showrunners on Paige’s Love Life and That Gravedigging SceneDigging a hole in the ground, even for scripted TV purposes, isn’t easy.
  4. The Americans Showrunners on Philip and Elizabeth Memes, Season 5“I don’t know if anyone’s giving an award for best Philip and Elizabeth meme, but someone should do that.”
  5. close reads
    What Paige Jennings Tells Us About Where The Americans Will Go NextPaige is the key to understanding what lies ahead on The Americans, because her choices dictate her whole family’s future.
  6. preview
    The Americans’ Alison Wright on the Tragedy of Playing Martha“She’s in the most dangerous spot she’s ever been in in her life, and it’s not going to get any better.”
  7. tv review
    In Season 4, The Americans’ Brilliance Sneaks Up on YouIt can build to a tragic twist so subtly that you simultaneously wipe away a tear and laugh at yourself for not seeing it coming from a continent away.