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The Americans Season Five

  1. The Americans’ Penultimate Season Was Its Messiest, Most Depressing One YetMy current ranking from greatest to least is 4, 3, 2, 1, and then 5.
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    Matthew Rhys: ‘I Always Want Philip to Be Pushing Toward His Goal’“For three seasons now you’re seeing the metaphorical bottom quivering lip.”
  3. In Season 5,The Americans Tells Us Who Philip and Elizabeth AreThere’s no place like home.
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    The Americans: Alison Wright on Martha’s Surprising Return“She’s lucky, I guess. Doesn’t really seem like it when you see her sitting all alone.”
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    The Americans’ Margo Martindale on Playing Ruthless Women“I hope I get to cut somebody else’s throat.”
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    Why The Americans Premiere Feels Like an ’80s Teen MovieDon’t you, forget about Paige.
  7. The Americans Feels More Dire and Tense in Season 5Here, as always, The Americans does complex work that never calls attention to its complexity.