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The Americans Season Four

  1. postmortem
    The Americans Showrunners on the Tense S4 Finale“I don’t think we ever considered killing [Pastor Tim] off.”
  2. fan fiction
    Inside the Mind of The Americans’ Henry JenningsHe’s not that innocent.
  3. close reads
    The Americans Is the Best It’s Ever Been in Season 4The last two episodes are among the best hours the show has produced.
  4. tv review
    In Season 4, The Americans’ Brilliance Sneaks Up on YouIt can build to a tragic twist so subtly that you simultaneously wipe away a tear and laugh at yourself for not seeing it coming from a continent away. 
  5. preview
    The Americans’ Alison Wright on the Tragedy of Playing Martha“She’s in the most dangerous spot she’s ever been in in her life, and it’s not going to get any better.”