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  1. close reads
    What Paige Jennings Tells Us About Where The Americans Will Go NextPaige is the key to understanding what lies ahead on The Americans, because her choices dictate her whole family’s future.
  2. fan fiction
    Inside the Mind of The Americans’ Henry JenningsHe’s not that innocent.
  3. overnights
    The Americans Season Finale Recap: A Home Away From HomeThe Jennings’ house is their shelter, but it’s also a symbol of their curse.
  4. chat room
    Dylan Baker on His Americans Character’s Tragic Backstory“Very soon, William realized that meant he had no one, and no ability to have anyone.”
  5. postmortem
    The Americans Showrunners on the Tense S4 Finale“I don’t think we ever considered killing [Pastor Tim] off.”
  6. psas
    Be Careful DVR-ing The Americans TonightIf you’re reading this before 10 p.m. EST, it’s not too late to avoid catastrophe!
  7. overnights
    The Americans Recap: Turning the PaigePhilip and Elizabeth Jennings are fighters. Is their daughter a fighter, too?
  8. overnights
    The Americans Recap: One Tough MotherThe biggest threat to the Jenningses still lives across the street.
  9. renewals
    The Americans Will Come to an End After Two More SeasonsGet ready to say dasvidaniya to The Americans.
  10. overnights
    The Americans Recap: Oh My GaadUnderstatement of the year: “An operation didn’t go as planned.”
  11. trends
    Why We Love Watching TV Characters Engage With Pop CultureEven if we don’t recognize what they’re watching, the act of them watching it is instantly familiar, and pleasurable, and personal.
  12. overnights
    The Americans Recap: Playing With Matches“You need to blink. I promise you it will be better if you blink.”
  13. overnights
    The Americans Recap: The Pursuit of HappinessWhat does it mean to be an American?
  14. martha watch
    How Is Martha Doing on The Americans?“On The Americans, as in life, when you’re not dead, there’s always hope.”
  15. close reads
    The Americans Is the Best It’s Ever Been in Season 4The last two episodes are among the best hours the show has produced.
  16. chat room
    The Americans Showrunners on Season 4’s Biggest Episode YetAnd why we may yet see a musical episode of The Americans.
  17. overnights
    The Americans Recap: LayoverThere are no good outcomes for Martha, no matter who catches her.
  18. martha watch
    How Is Martha Doing on The Americans?Martha shuts down.
  19. martha watch
    How Is Martha Doing on The Americans?“She is still the safest if she stays with Clark. He is looking out for her and is very much her only protector.”
  20. overnights
    The Americans Recap: I Smell a RatThe truth won’t save Martha now.
  21. overnights
    The Americans Recap: The Terror of KnowingAs Martha knows all too well, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
  22. martha watch
    How Is Martha Doing on The Americans?“She would be the worst drunk dialer.”
  23. the vulture tv podcast
    How Do You Keep Comedy Honest?It helps to have people who disagree with you around.
  24. What Made That Americans Plot Twist Such Great TelevisionIt was shocking not just because it was brutal and sad, but because it was inevitable.
  25. backstories
    Behind The Americans’ Devastating Plot Twist Everything was historically accurate, down to the burlap.
  26. martha watch
    How Is Martha Doing on The Americans?Stay with us!
  27. overnights
    The Americans Recap: Stupid GlandersA bad plan is better than no plan at all, right?
  28. overnights
    The Americans Recap: We’re in TroubleHow do you solve a problem like Pastor Tim?
  29. overnights
    The Americans Season Premiere Recap: Guts, Brains, and GlandersWill this new mission finally break Philip Jennings?
  30. preview
    The Americans’ Alison Wright on the Tragedy of Playing Martha“She’s in the most dangerous spot she’s ever been in in her life, and it’s not going to get any better.”
  31. backstories
    How 10 Shows Hid Their Stars’ Real-life PregnanciesCGI, spa getaways, and lots of coats.
  32. tv review
    In Season 4, The Americans’ Brilliance Sneaks Up on YouIt can build to a tragic twist so subtly that you simultaneously wipe away a tear and laugh at yourself for not seeing it coming from a continent away. 
  33. Why ​The Americans​ Will Be Better Than Ever in Season 4Showrunners Weisberg and Fields on the evolution of Elizabeth and Philip, what they’d do over if they could, and making the Best Show on Television™.
  34. wga
    The Americans Showrunners on How Keri Russell Was CastPlus, why Sam Esmail can’t go to sleep these days.
  35. tca 2016
    The Americans Will Take ‘Five or Six’ Seasons to Complete Its Full StoryThe show is currently nearing the end of its “second act.”
  36. babies
    Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys Expecting a BabyOr are they? Yes, they are.
  37. year in culture 2015
    The 10 Best TV Shows of 2015Plus: the ten best episodes and performances.
  38. and the nominees are
    Here Are the 2015 WGA NominationsThe writers have good taste.
  39. vulture tv awards 2015
    The Best Drama of the Year Is The AmericansWeek in and week out, no U.S. drama is more exactingly calibrated than this blue-gray chamber piece.
  40. vulture tv awards 2015
    The Year’s Best Scene Goes to The AmericansMatt Zoller Seitz provides audio commentary for our pick.
  41. vulture tv awards 2015
    Vulture TV Awards: Most Improved ShowAn already-great show that somehow got greater.
  42. vulture tv awards 2015
    Mad Men’s Casting Directors Select the Best Child Actor of the Year“The truth is, when you’re casting kids, you can’t know that someone is great.”
  43. close reads
    Mother Russia and Uncle Sam: The Americans’ Many Overbearing ParentsEvery institution, as well as every character, is at some point defined as a parent or a child.
  44. chat room
    The Americans’ Joel Fields on Killing for Love“Who wouldn’t want to be married to someone who would kill for you?”
  45. listen
    ‘The Vulture TV Podcast’: The Americans EditionAll Americans, all the time.
  46. the evil empire
    What March 8, 1983 Means for The AmericansAnd what it can tell us about next season.
  47. The Americans Season Finale Recap: Everyone LiesPaige, Philip, and Nina unravel as special guest star Ronald Reagan makes an appearance.
  48. rankings
    Ranking The Americans’ Third-Season Horror StoriesThe stuff of nightmares.
  49. Martha Is the Embodiment of Everything We Dread on The AmericansYou in danger, girl.
  50. the peabody awards
    Pretty Cool: Inside Amy Schumer Won a PeabodySo did Jane the Virgin, The Americans, and Last Week Tonight.
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