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The Anticipation Index

  1. happy feet two
    Happy Feet Two Leads Breaking Dawn on Vulture’s Anticipation IndexThe penguin flick has been hovering near the top for weeks. What does it have that Robert Pattinson doesn’t?
  2. the anticipation index
    Web Chatter Couldn’t Be More Different Over In Time and AnonymousThe Anticipation Index investigates.
  3. the anticipation index
    Justin Bieber Helps a Brother Out on the Anticipation IndexHis charity truly knows no bounds.
  4. the anticipation index
    Coldplay vs. Lou Reed and Metallica: How Did Their Early Online Debuts Affect the Anticipation Index?One leaked, one was legally streamed, and the buzz may surprise you.
  5. the anticipation index
    Real Steel Takes a Beating Against the Heavy Hitters on Vulture’s Anticipation IndexThis week’s releases take a dive as Bieber and Rihanna light up the Index.
  6. the anticipation index
    The Anticipation Index: People Prefer to Talk About Future Scares Than This Weekend’s Movies’Paranormal Activity 3’ is trumping ‘50/50’ and ‘What’s Your Number?’ in online chatter.
  7. the anticipation index
    Moneyball and Killer Elite Get the Same Twitter Buzz in Very Different Ways’Elite’ gets the ‘Awesome, bro!’ crowd, while ‘Moneyball’ is all rave reviews and retweeted NPR links.
  8. the anticipation index
    Why Is New Girl Shooting Up Vulture’s Anticipation Index While 2 Broke Girls Languishes?Zooey Deschanel’s monster tweeting is getting the web all riled up.
  9. the anticipation index
    Is Print Dead? The Anticipation Index Doesn’t Think SoPrint journalism inspires buzz for Murakami, ‘Contagion,’ Chastain, and more.
  10. the anticipation index
    Who Got a Bigger Buzz Bump This Week, the Muppets or The Simpsons?Judging by our Anticipation Index, nostalgists went crazy for news on both of them, but for differing reasons.
  11. the anticipation index
    Footloose Reigns in Eighties Nostalgia While Conan FlailsThe ‘Conan’ remake has been floundering on our buzz-measuring tool, while one hint of Kenny Loggins sets the web on fire.
  12. the anticipation index
    What’s the Most Anticipated New TV Show of Fall?There’s ‘The X Factor’ and then there’s everything else.
  13. the anticipation index
    Let Us Interrupt Your Afternoon to Bring You Some Important Shakespearean News’Coriolanus’ is No. 1 on the Anticipation Index. Wow.
  14. the anticipation index
    Who Won Comic-Con? The Anticipation Index KnowsSurveying a field of super heroes and Disney princesses.
  15. exclusive
    Introducing Vulture’s Anticipation Index, a Scientific Ranking of the Entertainment People Can’t Wait ForEvery day, you’ll find the top 100 movies, books, events, and beyond that have the web buzzing.