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The Art Of Trolling

  1. the art of trolling
    Kanye West Posts His New Song ‘Lift Yourself’Wow. He’s done it again.
  2. vince staples
    Vince Staples Cancels His GoFundMe Campaign, Donates Money InsteadHe created the campaign originally to troll his trolls, promising he would retire early if they donated enough money.
  3. the art of trolling
    Vince Staples Hatched the Most Genius Plan to Troll His Trolls, and It’s WorkingFor $2 million, you can pay to make him go away. But also get new music.
  4. the art of trolling
    Bruce Springsteen Trolls Trump by Covering ‘Don’t Hang Up’ in Australia“We stand before you embarrassed Americans tonight.”
  5. the art of trolling
    Azealia Banks, Aaron Carter Not Voting for TrumpThe future of America is safe.
  6. the art of trolling
    Watch Stacey Dash Read Mean Tweets About Her Confusing Oscars Appearance“I was hoping there was a trap door on stage,” wrote one detractor.
  7. the art of trolling
    How BET Punk’d — Yes, Punk’d — Everyone Last NightThe network was never bringing back Uncut.
  8. the art of trolling
    Hannibal Buress Confronts His No. 1 Twitter Hater (Spoiler: It’s Not Bill Cosby)Amy Schumer made a surprise guest-appearance on Why?
  9. the art of trolling
    10 Guests Who Trolled David LettermanHappy twentieth anniversary, Late Show With David Letterman!
  10. the art of trolling
    Amber Tamblyn Trolled Tyrese, Pretending to be Amber RoseShe made a few “Awareness Raps,” and they are great.