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  1. harvey weinstein
    A List of Things Currently Missing From the Weinstein Company OfficeSome personnel files and a pair of Oscars!
  2. paris attacks
    Artist Director Pens Open Letter to ISIS“Here in France, what we love is life.” 
  3. r.i.p.
    Uggie, the Dog From The Artist, Has Died: ReportHe was 13.
  4. The Director of ‘The Artist’ Is Making a Zach Galifianakis ComedyZach Galifianakis is teaming up with Oscar-winning French director Michel Hazanavicius to make a movie. Hazanavicius, who won an Academy Award […]
  5. uggie watch
    Uggie’s Retirement Party Is Coming UpDo you have your ticket?
  6. casting
    Jean Dujardin in Talks for Martin Scorsese FilmHe’d join Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill.
  7. your box office explained
    The Avengers Scores Biggest Second Weekend EverThe Avengers saw its opening weekend grosses sliced in half. Granted, the movie had a huge opening weekend.
  8. uggie watch
    Uggie Is Writing a Book NowIt will be out in October.
  9. back to the future
    See What Back to the Future Would Look Like As a Silent FilmCue the honky-tonk piano!
  10. political animals
    Uggie Is Going to the White House Correspondents DinnerAnd hopes to meet Obama.
  11. uncomfortable things
    Kim Novak Continues to Compare The Artist to Real RapeAnd it is uncomfortable.
  12. clickables
    Watch Uggie Tremble in a New Nintendo AdUggie is bringin’ in that paper, but his mystery ailment persists …
  13. The Artist Producer Harvey Weinstein Awarded France’s Legion d’Honneur Less than a week after the film took home five Oscars.
  14. jean dujardin
    Watch Jean Dujardin Dance in His UnderwearOui oui oui!
  15. oscars 2012
    Oscar Wrap-up: A Staid Night in Honor of Billy, Meryl, and The Artist Pour one out for Viola Davis.
  16. David Edelstein Warms Up for His Live Blog with Some Pre-Awards HandicappingNot who should win, but who will win.
  17. What to Expect at Tonight’s Oscar CeremonySure, The Artist will win, but some of what happens before is still up in the air.
  18. movies
    A Brief History of Celebrities Throwing Shade at UggieTom Selleck is the latest to dis the dog from The Artist.
  19. considerations
    Edelstein: Why Is The Artist a Lock for Best Picture?The reasons aren’t all that flattering.
  20. the oscars
    See the Best Actor Nominees Answer the Same Questions Over and OverAnd see Jean Dujardin dance.
  21. infographics
    The Best Picture Nominees, As InfographicsMaking the Oscars more fun with line graphs and pie charts.
  22. netflix
    The Artist and More Weinstein Joints Coming to NetflixGood deal.
  23. Watch Vulture’s Trip to the Uggie-Dominated Golden Collar AwardsJulie Klausner interviewed Uggie and the rest of this year’s canine stars on the red, surprisingly unsoiled carpet!
  24. oscars
    Uggie Won’t Be at the Oscars? WHAT?!Who is responsible for this tomfoolery?
  25. the artist
    Go Behind the Scenes of The ArtistCall us crazy, but we foresee this movie doing okay.
  26. The Artist Continues Its Winning Streak at BAFTA AwardsOther notables: The Iron Lady, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
  27. Uggie is Very Self-Conscious About His ‘Chunky Thighs’Yes, we’re talking about the dog from The Artist.
  28. Watch Jean Dujardin Audition for Every Villainous Role There IsWhat else is there in Hollywood for a handsome Frenchman with a receding hairline?
  29. Uggie Is Sick!Oh no!
  30. Langmann and Weinstein: The Two Crazy Men Who Gambled Big on The ArtistMovie’s producer, Thomas Langmann, dishes to Deadline.
  31. What Do the SAG Awards Mean for Oscar?Is this good news for Viola and Jean?
  32. The Artist Wins at Directors Guild AwardsCan anyone stop Hazanavicius now?
  33. The Artist Sweeps the Board at Brand-New Aussie Film AwardsTook Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor.
  34. Watch a Blooper Reel From The ArtistUggie was not always cooperative.
  35. oscar race 2012
    How to Think Positive About This Year’s Underwhelming Oscar NomineesIf you’re feeling unenthused about the nominees, we can help.
  36. Uggie Is Retiring!NO!
  37. Underworld Awakening Leads Strong Weekend Box OfficeUp 30 percent from last year.
  38. PGA Award Strengthens The ArtistThe Oscar front-runner triumphs yet again.
  39. the artist
    Watch Uggie (the Dog From The Artist) Do Tricks on EllenAnd the Oscar goes to … Uggie! No? It doesn’t? Well, can we change that?
  40. dept. of complaints
    British Artist Audiences Would Like to Know Where the Sound IsThey’re demanding refunds.
  41. The Best Frozen Moments from the 2012 Golden GlobesSofia Vergara making her Modern Family character look restrained, Nicole Kidman giving the stinkeye, and many many more glimpses of the audience.
  42. kudos
    The Artist, The Help Top Critics’ Choice AwardsAlso: Bridesmaids! Drive!
  43. the artist
    See Star Wars Set to the Soundtrack From VertigoHan Solo meets Hitchcock in a cinematic/musical meeting of the minds (and ears).
  44. The Artist Director: ‘I Feel Sorry’ For Angry Kim Novak“I’ve done nothing wrong,” claims Michel Hazanavicus.
  45. Kim Novak Feels ‘Raped’ by The ArtistBecause it sampled the score to Vertigo.
  46. best of 2011
    David Edelstein’s Favorite Performances From 2011And a few of his worsts, as well.
  47. movies
    Which Movies You Should and Shouldn’t See With Your Family on ChristmasA guide to which films to see and which to avoid this weekend, depending on the relative with whom you’re stuck at the theater.
  48. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Conan O’Brien Lit the Human Centipede MenorahPlus: Tom Cruise got crushed in a game of wreath toss, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  49. oscars
    Watch a Photo Shoot Featuring This Year’s Top Dogs, LiterallyYour favorite actors in Beginners, The Artist, and Young Adult let loose, possibly eat their own poop.
  50. Can Any Movie Beat The Artist Now?Let’s size up its awards competition.
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