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  1. vulture picks
    The 30 Best Superhero Movies Since BladeAnd why Into the Spider-Verse cracks the top five.
  2. farewells
    Chris Evans Signs Off As Captain America — or That’s What He Wants Us to ThinkIs the shield really hung up for good?
  3. James Corden Picks His Favorite Late Late Show MomentIt’s from the fan-driven Avengers episode.
  4. avenger fatigue
    Kevin Feige Sees the Bright Side of James Cameron’s ‘Avenger Fatigue’ Comments“There are other stories to tell besides, you know, hypogonadal males without families doing death-defying things,” Cameron said of the franchise.
  5. The 30 Best Superhero Movies Since BladeWesley Snipes’s vampire swordsman started a revolution.
  6. the avengers
    What Happened in Today’s Secret Trailer for Avengers: Infinity War?The gang’s getting back together.
  7. the doctor is in
    Doctor Strange Diagnoses Civil War InjuriesNot much medicine can do for Tony Stark’s broken heart.
  8. what might have been
    Jeremy Renner Wanted Hawkeye to Die in AvengersDozens of Hawkeye fans would be devastated.
  9. the marvel universe
    Avengers: Infinity War Isn’t Two Movies Anymore2 Infinity 2 Handle.
  10. roll clip!
    Are the Avengers Inherently Good or Evil?Ethics questions for the ages.
  11. marvel
    It’s Stan Lee’s UniverseHe built Marvel Comics and laid the foundation for today’s blockbuster superhero movies, and has changed pop culture as we know it. Here’s how.
  12. fandom
    Do Characters Belong to Their Fans or Their Creators?A married Han Solo, a racist Atticus Finch, and our impending canon crisis.
  13. what a production!
    Here Is Everything We Know About The Avengers 2: Age of UltronThere is a lot.
  14. how to make a movie
    Why Hollywood Is Caught in the Blockbuster TrapA study by Harvard Business School professor Anita Elberse shows that risky big-budget films are studios’ safest bets.
  15. party chat
    Mark Ruffalo Just Learned About ‘Science Bros’“So, are they all quasi-homoerotic?”
  16. the avengers
    Watch an Astounding FX Reel From The AvengersSo, how’d they do it?
  17. the avengers
    Learn How They Shot That Unbelievable Sequence in The AvengersSo, how’d they do it?
  18. no bullshit
    Samuel L. Jackson Doesn’t Bullsh*t About A.O. Scott and M. Night Shyamalan“[M. Night Shyamalan] hasn’t made a really good movie since [Unbreakable].”
  19. the avengers
    Learn Everything That Was Wrong With The Avengers (in Three Minutes)Don’t let this ruin it for you.
  20. party chat
    Scarlett Johansson Doesn’t Identify As a HiddlestonerBut, relax: She does love Tom Hiddleston.
  21. archery
    Arrow: Why Are Film and TV Obsessed With Archery?What about all the other weapons?
  22. the avengers
    Is ‘Avenger Pugs’ Better Than The Avengers?We be “puggin’.”
  23. the avengers
    Avengers-Themed Tea PartyJayla made some good choices in her third year.
  24. sesame street
    Watch Grover and Cookie Monster Parody TVOut of the way, kids, it’s grown-up time!
  25. the avengers
    Watch an Honest Trailer for The AvengersIt’s funny because it’s true!
  26. chat room
    Joss Whedon on How Much Ado About Nothing Made Him a Better Filmmaker“On the first day of filming … I smiled so hard that my face broke.”
  27. interviews
    Joss Whedon Talks All Things Marvel With Vulture“It’s a tapas menu of projects that excite me.”
  28. your box office explained
    Summer 2012 Box-Office Report Card: Action, Genre, and Superhero EditionThe Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, yes. Everything else, meh.
  29. the avengers
    Watch a Deleted Scene From The AvengersTake it away, Cobie!
  30. the avengers
    Watch an Avengers Gag ReelEven Jeremy Renner — Jeremy Renner! — cuts loose. Really!
  31. release dates
    Avengers 2 Dated for May 1, 2015Get ready.
  32. joss whedon
    Watch Joss Whedon Boycott Sleepwalk With MeSave The Avengers!
  33. franchises
    Joss Whedon Will Return for the Avengers SequelHe’s signed to write and direct.
  34. superhero groupthink
    This Summer’s Comic Movies Have Similar EndingsSpoilers, obviously.
  35. harvey's corner
    Harvey Weinstein High on Avengers, Blake Lively This Summer“So sexy, so brilliant, and so hard-lived, the performance.”
  36. box office
    The Avengers Is Crossing $600 MillionThat’s huge.
  37. summer movies 2012
    Why Can’t This Summer’s Movie Villains Come Up With a Good Plan?From Brave to Prometheus, they just can’t seem to get it together.
  38. the avengers
    Watch The Avengers Intro, Firefly-Style We still miss Nathan Fillion.
  39. box office
    Are You Ready for the New Age of $400 Million Box-Office Blockbusters?Until now, we’ve never had three movies gross more than that figure in one year.
  40. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Bill Murray Appeared As a HologramPlus: Chris Hemsworth played a mini-harmonica and did a little jig, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  41. box office gold
    Snow White Handily Beats Abysmal ExpectationsUniversal execs everywhere unclench.
  42. breaking records
    The Avengers Is Now the Third Highest-Grossing Film EverBehind Titanic and Avatar.
  43. the avengers
    Learn ‘How The Avengers Should Have Ended’“Shwarma!”
  44. weekend haul
    Your Box Office Explained: MIB3 Proves Smith Is Still Kind of a StarStill, MIB3’s $70 million domestic opening is actually $2 million less than the first Men in Black film.
  45. box office zilch
    Men in Black 3’s Weaker-Than-Expected OpenerJust $70 million for four-day holiday weekend.
  46. sunk
    Your Box Office Explained: The Avengers Cruises by BattleshipThe Avengers bests three newcomers to make $55 million in its third weekend.
  47. box office zilch
    Battleship Sinks With $25 Million Opening WeekendWho did the sinking?: The Avengers.
  48. box office gold
    Avengers Clears $400 Mil in U.S. in Two WeeksSo much money so fast.
  49. cash money
    Robert Downey Jr. to Bank $50 Million Off The AvengersOh hi, real-life Tony Stark mansion and actual Iron Man suit.
  50. maurice sendak
    Check Out an Adorable Avengers-Themed Maurice Sendak TributeSomeone make this book happen! (On second thought, don’t.)
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