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  1. award hoarders
    EGOT Watch: Who Will Be Next to Complete the Awards Show Grand Slam?Every actor who only needs a Grammy is just an audiobook away.
  2. toronto 2016
    Will Best Actress Be a Battle Between Natalie Portman and Emma Stone?Which of these buzzy performances, in Jackie and La La Land, will come out on top?
  3. awards insider
    La La Land and Moonlight Dominating the Film Festivals So FarSully, Hacksaw Ridge, and Amy Adams also had people talking.
  4. oscars 2016
    The Awards Show Show: Answering 6 Big Oscars QuestionsIncluding looks at Sam Smith, Sylvester Stallone, and Ex Machina.
  5. oscars 2016
    David Edelstein Looks Back on the Uneven But Memorable 2016 OscarsRock often spins out his conceits longer than he needs to, but he delivered formidable blows.
  6. oscars 2016
    The Highs and Lows From the 2016 OscarsWe see you, Stacey Dash and Lady Gaga. Ali G, however, we’d rather not see.
  7. oscars 2016
    How Spotlight Won at the Oscars (and Sylvester Stallone Didn’t)The signs were there all along.
  8. oscars 2016
    Here Are the 2016 Oscar WinnersCheck in with us here as we update the post live.
  9. oscars 2016
    David Edelstein’s 2016 Oscars PreviewAnd a farewell to an intimidating colleague.
  10. oscars 2016
    See All the 2016 Oscars Red-Carpet LooksAlicia Vikander, Saoirse Ronan, and Mindy Kaling as they saunter in all flashy-like.
  11. oscars 2016
    Join Vulture’s Oscars Live Blog With Critics David Edelstein and Bilge EbiriStarting at 8 p.m.
  12. oscar futures
    Vulture’s Final 2016 Oscar Predictions for Every CategoryA lot of these are close calls! What will win?
  13. oscars 2016
    Embrace of the Serpent Had to Embrace the JungleThe film deviates from standard jungle tropes, both off and on camera.
  14. oscars 2016
    Looking Back at Chris Rock As 2005 Oscars Host“These actor types, man, who the hell do they think they are? I held back!”
  15. oscars 2016
    How 6 of This Year’s Oscar Movies Were CastAs told by the casting directors of six of this year’s most critically acclaimed films.
  16. oscars 2016
    How Historic Will It Be If Emmanuel Lubezki Wins His 3rd Straight Oscar? The Revenant cinematographer is the front-runner for the Best Cinematography trophy.
  17. the awards show show
    Awards Podcast: Our Best Picture Pick, ExplainedIf nothing else, we know Brooklyn isn’t going to win.
  18. oscar futures
    Will Both the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars Go to The Revenant?Let’s deep dive into each of the contenders in these categories.
  19. oscars 2016
    Would You Rewatch The Revenant? A New Criterion for Best PictureWho’s watched The Artist twice?
  20. oscar futures
    Can Anyone Beat Brie and Leo at the Oscars?And if so, who would it be?
  21. oscar futures
    Could We See an Oscar Upset in the Supporting Actor and Actress Races?Or are Sylvester Stallone and Alicia Vikander locked and loaded?
  22. oscars 2016
    Mustang’s Filmmaker on Her Feminist Escape Movie“I remember girls saying that when you’re too powerful as a woman, it’s not very pretty.”
  23. the awards show show
    The Awards Show Show: How to Win Your Oscar PoolThis week on The Awards Show Show, Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan and The Frame’s John Horn give you the pro tips you need to win your Oscar pool.
  24. grammys 2016
    Check Out All the 2016 Grammys Red Carpet LooksTaylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and more A-list music arrivals.
  25. oscar futures
    5 Reasons Why The Revenant Might Not Win Best PictureThough it’s coming on strong, there are a few statistical precedents that don’t work in its favor.
  26. the awards show show
    Podcast: Oscar Speech Secrets, a Revenant SurgeCan Alejandro González Iñárritu’s survival epic survive all the way to the end of the Best Picture crawl?
  27. roundtables
    8 Oscar Nominees on the Lessons of Awards Season“I remember the first time I heard someone in a discussion say the words awards season. I thought it was a joke!”
  28. the awards show show
    Podcast: Talking With Adam McKay About Big ShortTalking the movie’s PGA win, criticism it has faced, and even Anchorman 2.
  29. oscar futures
    3 Potential Surprises to Watch For at the SAG AwardsThere are likely three races in which a surprise winner still could emerge.
  30. the awards show show
    The Awards Show Show: Talking Sundance Smashes and Oscar SurprisesHas The Big Short already locked up the big prize?
  31. sundance 2016
    Which Sundance Films Could Score With an Oscar Next Year?The Birth of a Nation and Manchester by the Sea, of course, but also a couple more quaint offerings.
  32. How Should the Oscars Fix Its Diversity Problem?What can the Academy realistically change to make things better?
  33. the toughest scene i wrote
    The Toughest Scene I Wrote: Cutting a Powerful Moment From RoomWhereas a book can meander toward its destination, a film has a forward momentum.
  34. awards insider interview
    Brian d’Arcy James on Being Spotlight’s New Face“That is a testament also to people trusting Tom McCarthy and saying, ‘If Tom has invited this guy into the pool, then let’s just go without even wondering about it.’”
  35. the toughest scene i wrote
    Toughest Scene We Wrote: Straight Outta Compton“There was enough material for 15 pages worth of script, but it had to be condensed into an extremely dense three to four pages.”
  36. the awards show show
    Podcast: Talking the All-White Oscars, FavoritesThe Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road led the nominations, but don’t bet on big wins for them.
  37. oscars 2016
    We’ve Got the 2016 Oscar Nominations. Now, Who Will Win? Our PredictionsHere are our quick and dirty instant picks.
  38. oscars 2016
    Pete Docter Thinks Voice Acting Is Underrated“They’re standing in a gray room, and they have to imagine all this and bring it to life in their heads.”
  39. oscars 2016
    Oscar Nominations 2016: All the Major Snubs and SurprisesWe’ve got another repeat of #OscarsSoWhite on our hands.
  40. oscars 2016
    2016 Oscar Nominations Are HereWe still love you, Carol.
  41. oscar futures
    Vulture’s Last, Best Guess at This Year’s Oscar NominationsWe could be very wrong, but here goes!
  42. oscar futures
    DGA Award Nominees Include George Miller, Ridley Scott, and MoreBut what got snubbed, and what does it mean for Oscar?
  43. oscar futures
    So, Can The Revenant Really Win Best Picture?Does that Globes win mean something, or nothing at all?
  44. golden globes 2016
    Check Out the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2016 Golden GlobesJudith Light has about stolen the show.
  45. golden globes 2016
    Why the Globes Are Not Really a TV Awards ShowThey’re still a lot of fun, though.
  46. golden globes 2016
    Golden Globes: Who Will Win the Movie Categories?Can The Big Short jump past The Martian?
  47. the awards show show
    George Miller Discusses Mad Max Awards, SequelsWill Fury Road lead to a Golden Globe for best drama?
  48. the awards insider
    Golden Globes 2016: Who Should Win the TV Categories?Cross your fingers.
  49. the toughest scene i wrote
    The Toughest Scene I Wrote: The Danish Girl“It’s a moment that we — like Gerda — forget, but revisit with different eyes once we understand that Einar Wegener was, in fact, always Lili Elbe.”
  50. the awards insider
    Who Would Benefit Most From a Golden Globe Win?Probably Casual.
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