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  1. the bat man
    Morbius Out-Flops Itself, Viral Twitter Memes BlamedSony execs have to be embarrassed.
  2. from gotham with love
    Okay, But What If Robert Pattinson Wore a Different Suit?Imagine a world where a Bat becomes a Bond.
  3. coming soon
    Robert Pattinson Bringing More Eyeliner to Batman SequelHis next villain: makeup remover.
  4. switched on pop
    Batman Isn’t the Only Person Brooding to ’90s AlternativeNirvana’s “Something In The Way” recently hit the Hot 100 alongside songs that are clearly borrowing grunge-era sounds.
  5. way too close reads
    The Batman Predicts Our Grim Future: an Incels-vs.-Furries Civil WarIf you can piece together the clues, The Batman is an accurate predictor of 21st-century America’s worst-case scenario.
  6. vulture lists
    The Batman Director Matt Reeves’s 10 Favorite Movie Kills“Spielberg really sets the table, to tell you that nothing is off the table. He lets you know from the beginning that there are no rules.”
  7. deleted scenes
    Hear Barry Keoghan’s Joker Laugh in This Deleted Scene From The BatmanWhat’s so funny?
  8. employee of the month
    Of Course Paul Dano Is Writing a DC Comic Book About the RiddlerHis villain origin story will be illustrated by Stevan Subic.
  9. extreme thirst
    Thank You, The Batman, for Bringing Horniness Back to Gotham CityBatman is looking respectfully from Catwoman’s dominatrix-y knee-high PVC boots up to her face, but there’s a hunger there, too.
  10. vulture lists
    Every Colin Farrell Movie, RankedFrom The Lobster to The Batman.
  11. villain origin stories
    HBO Max Is Giving the Penguin a ‘Scarface-Like’ Origin StorySay hello to his little friend (a penguin).
  12. vulture lists
    Batman Chins, RankedOf all the men who have become Batman, who filled out the chin area the best?
  13. sequential art
    The Nine Lives of Catwoman in Comic RecommendationsWant to know more about one of superhero comics’ greatest anti-heroes? Start here.
  14. spinoffs
    Matt Reeves Says The Batman Prequel Series on HBO Max Has Been AxedNow we’ll never get to see, uh, how Commissioner Gordon got his glasses.
  15. on the record
    A Sad List of Robert Pattinson’s Struggles Filming The BatmanFrom COVID-19 to reshooting a scene 40 times to spending months in the dark like Edward Cullen.
  16. the batman (bat version)
    Bats, Please Wait for The Batman to Stream on HBO MaxA live bat was set loose in a movie theater — and no, it wasn’t Robert Pattinson going Method.
  17. injustice
    Zoë Kravitz Was Told She’s Too ‘Urban’ to Audition for Dark Knight Rises“It was like, ‘What does that have to do with anything?’”
  18. character actors
    The Character Actors Who Could Have Played the Penguin in The BatmanInstead of spending time and money to make Colin Farrell look like a middle-aged Italian American, why not just cast these guys instead?
  19. the batman
    What and Where Is Blüdhaven, and Who Will Catwoman Meet There?Think of Blüdhaven as the New Jersey to Gotham’s New York City.
  20. vulture lists
    Every Batman Movie, RankedA look at every Batflick that’s come our way over the last 50 years.
  21. a painted smile
    About That Cameo at the End of The Batman“Gotham loves a comeback story.” Does it, though?
  22. vulture lists
    Batman for Real (and Aspiring) NerdsThe new Batman film takes us back to his early years. Here are the comics that are actually worth reading — in chronological order.
  23. alexa play price tag by jessie j
    AMC Is Charging More for The Batman Than, Say, the Channing Tatum Dog Movie DogSomehow, price gouging feels good in a place like this.
  24. chat room
    Matt Reeves Sees His Batman As a ‘Rock-Star Recluse’On the real-life political parallels between America and Gotham City, plus the “big controversy” behind the scenes over Catwoman’s cat carrier.
  25. movie review
    The Batman Is Sad, Scary, and Even a Little SexyMatt Reeves and Robert Pattinson give us an austere, tense serial-killer thriller as much as a superhero action flick.
  26. dream cast
    Euphoria’s Javon Walton Wants to Be Robin to Robert Pattinson’s BatmanTime to play a child soldier on the other side of the war on drugs.
  27. bad habits
    Let Penguin Vape?Colin Farrell “fought” Warner Bros. over the character’s signature cigar in The Batman.
  28. last night on late night
    Robert Pattinson Has Tried on Every BatsuitOkay, not Adam West’s. But every movie Batsuit.
  29. piccolini cuscino
    Robert Pattinson Was ‘Fully’ Serious About That Exploding Pasta“Like, I was literally in talks with frozen-food factories and hoped that that article would be the proof of concept.”
  30. dc bf
    Channing Tatum Is More of a DC Guy, for No Reason in ParticularCatwoman’s boyfriend just happens to have sworn off Marvel.
  31. 3 hours is too long
    The Batman Is One and a Half Twilight Movies LongTime for some movie run-time game theory.
  32. trailer mix
    The Batman Trailer Dances Around That Riddling Little Freak Paul DanoThe sunglasses … Bruce, honey, did Alfred say you could pull these off?
  33. hindsight
    George Clooney Tried to Swoop In and Rescue Ben Affleck From Being Batman“And I was wrong.”
  34. vulture bets on berry
    What the World Needs Now Is Matt Berry to Play BatmanIntroducing our new column, “Vulture Bets on Berry.”
  35. delays
    The Batman Will Return Eventually, But Not Until 2022Luckily, Neo will be around, because Matrix 4 is actually arriving a few months earlier than expected.
  36. the pattman
    Robert Pattinson Reportedly Tests Positive for COVID-19Production had paused on The Batman due to a positive case on set.
  37. just emo thingz
    The 15 Most Emo Moments in The Batman TrailerBatman is in his feels and in his Docs.
  38. trailer mix
    Robert Pattinson Punches People, Broods in The Batman TrailerOnly 25 percent of the movie has been shot.
  39. the industry
    Warner Bros. Also Has a Snitch HotlineFor productions in the U.K.
  40. as a treat
    Behold the New Muscle-Car Batmobile in The BatmanMatt Reeves is giving us another tease.
  41. bts
    Leaked BTS Images of The Batman Show Off More of That New-Fangled BatsuitThese images are Battinson free.
  42. roll clip!
    Robert Pattinson Debuts His Batjaw and Batsuit in The Batman First Look VideoThe Batman director Matt Reeves posted a camera test of his star’s crime-destroying facial features.
  43. adaptations
    Seth Rogen to Produce Movie About an Apocalyptic MemeYes, you read that right.
  44. bat news
    Peter Sarsgaard Drives Up the Population of Gotham As Latest Batman AdditionBat news, everybody.
  45. casting
    John Turturro Joins That Matt Reeves Hot Ticket The Batman As Carmine FalconeHe’s got strong crime-boss energy.
  46. casting
    Colin Farrell in Talks to Play Batman’s Sexy Penguin NemesisPlease let him ride in a giant toy-duck boat.
  47. casting
    Paul Dano Will Antagonize Robert Pattinson’s The Batman As the RiddlerBut will he wear bedazzled spandex jumpsuits like Jim Carrey?
  48. casting
    Jonah Hill Will Not Be Hanging Out With Zoë Kravitz on the Set of The BatmanThe actor passed on a starring role in the film.
  49. movies
    Ben Affleck Will No Longer Be BatmanThe actor is stepping aside to make way for a younger Bruce Wayne.
  50. the batman
    Matt Reeves Signs On to Direct Ben Affleck in The BatmanBen Affleck was previously supposed to do the job.
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