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The Benson Interruption

  1. Looking at Comedy Central’s Weird and Hard-to-Categorize One-Season ShowsWe’ve reached the end of The Good, The Bad, and the Deeply Strange, our examination of the many Comedy Central shows that lasted just one […]
  2. the benson interruption
    Mad Men: The Other Bob Benson Shoe DropsThere’s more to Bob than just a knee nudge.
  3. The Benson Interruption’s Rough Transition From Stage to ScreenComedians speak often about the inherent isolation of their profession: the loneliness of the road, the solitary process of joke writing, and […]
  4. Doug Benson’s Benson Interruption Coming to Comedy CentralDoug Benson’s great live show The Benson Interruption, in which he invites comedians to come perform while he sits on stage and interrupts them […]