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    Ragtag Band of Communal Artists on Makeshift Boats Declare: We Are Not Hippies’The men, in vests, trousers, beards and derby hats, seemed inspired by members of the Band.’
  2. the best part
    Jeff Zucker Will Marry You Whether You Like It or Not’He pursued me like a maniac … But it wasn’t done in a creepy, stalker way.’
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    Matthew Weiner Discusses the Second Season of ‘Mad Men’ on ‘Charlie Rose’If you can get past Rose’s traditional inability to ask interesting follow-ups, there’s plenty of great stuff.
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    David Remnick Profiles the Chinese Pianist Who Will Liberace Up the OlympicsThe best parts of David Remnick’s ‘New Yorker’ profile of Chinese pianist Lang Lang.
  5. the best part
    Zack Snyder on ‘Watchmen’: My Comic-Book Movie Will Kick Your Comic-Book Movie’s AssPlenty of ammo for those who think that director Zack Snyder is a little, if you will, overly impressed with himself.
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    10 Goofy Pairings in the EW ‘New Classics’ ListsReally, ‘EW’? ‘The Lion King’ is better than ‘Schindler’s List’?
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    The Best Lines in ‘Spin’ Magazine’s Oral History of ‘Y.M.C.A.’“Well, it’s a great song that makes people feel good. That’s what’s important.”
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    Wading Through the Peter Jackson–Guillermo del Toro ‘Hobbit’ ChatWill actors from ‘Lord of the Rings’ reappear? What will be in that second movie? And how awesome will the dragon be?
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    The Six Best Jokes From Wednesday Night’s Chris Rock Show at MSGAs usual, Rock brought his A-game. Here are his best lines.
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    James Frey’s Courage Renewed by Norman Mailer, the Approval MatrixFinding the best part of the enormous James Frey profile in ‘Vanity Fair.’
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    At the Harry Potter Trial, the New York Papers Pile On Steven Vander ArkA Harry Potter lexicographer gets his haircut made fun of by the New York ‘Times.’
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    What’s the Best Part of the Epic George Clooney Profile in ‘The New Yorker’?Well, we’ve been reading since yesterday morning, and we’ve got a bunch of ‘em!
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    Takashi Murakami’s Art Is Really Hard to Describe’Times’ reviewer Roberta Smith makes a valiant effort to boil down several chaotic, crazy-ass Murakamis into words, and the results are telling.
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    Daniel Waters Exactly As Bitter As We’d Expect the Writer of ‘Heathers’ Would BeWhat’s he bitterest about? Orson Welles? His own mismanaged career? His successful brother?
  15. the best part
    Just How Abrasive Is Former New Line Head Bob Shaye?“Never blessed with the shrewd fashion sense of Bai Ling…”
  16. the best part
    David Simon Still Has Some Things to SayThree of our unanswered questions are kind of answered!
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    The ‘Times’ Deftly Writes Around Everything Funny in ‘I’m Fucking Ben Affleck’A masterpiece of tortured syntax.
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    ‘Family Guy’ Creator Seth MacFarlane Has Some Strong Feelings About the Parents Television Council“They’re literally terrible human beings.”
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    Clay Aiken Is the Ron Paul of the Entertainment World“I think WE are both a lot confused.” —Confused
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    Ben Silverman Foresees the End of Ben SilvermanThen he high-fived an assistant.
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    America’s Soldiers Demand More Wilmer ValderramaWhy the USO passed on a night of theater for Marines.
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    Diablo Cody’s ‘EW’ Back-Page Column Is At Least Better Than Stephen King’sThe Juno screenwriter takes on the magazine feature so cursed that even Dalton Ross can’t make it fun.
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    Broadway Memorial Fans Line Up for Stargazing, With a Side of Mourning“It’s not just cheap — it’s respect.”
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    Tom Perrotta Does Research, Blogger StylePerrotta “spent a lot of time typing ‘Christian sex tips’ into Google.”
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    ‘The Office’ Convention Disappoints the Show’s Least Capitalization-Savvy FansScranton Is Gonna Be A Party All Weekend.
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    ‘Fortune’ Profiles the Happy Little Worker Bees at CAAThe magazine writes at length about the super-agency, and Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke weighs in.
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    ‘Margot at the Wedding’ Makes Hollywood’s First Williamsburg Joke!We’ll review Margot at the Wedding later. For now, let’s just note that there’s one line that will bring down the house at the Sunshine Cinemas.
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    Fox’s Notes On ‘K-Ville’ Make Us Glad Network Execs Are On the JobDon’t go too negative in America’s most devastated city!
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    The ‘Times’ Fall Preview Has Very Specific TV Recommendations for YouThe Times is not interested in your fall TV season.
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    Burn, Tinseltown, Burn!: Translating Today’s ‘Hollywood Reporter’ Story on the Coming Labor UnrestWill the coming labor difficulties in Hollywood — including potential strikes by the Writers Guild, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Directors Guild — result in the rushed green-lighting of not-ready-for-the-screen pieces of shit?
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    Matt Damon Has No Idea How ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ Ended Up GoodDamon is more bluntly critical of the project than any star in any interview we can remember reading in a long, long time.
  32. the best part
    J.K. Rowling Goes on the Record About Her Characters’ FuturesWe’ve mined the endless transcript of J.K. Rowling’s Web chat for the best parts.
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    Homer Simpson as Karl Lagerfeld (Pre-Diet, Of Course)First 7-Elevens. Now, Paris ready-to-wear. Is nothing safe from the marketing might of the Simpsons movie?
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    Hollywood Comes to Grips With the iPhoneThe best line from today’s Variety piece revealing that many Hollywood types, flush with techno-envy, may buy iPhones despite the fact that they aren’t compatible with company e-mail systems:
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    The Weirdest User Comment on the New Will Ferrell Viral VideoLast night, FunnyOrDie.com launched the sequel to its viral video hit “The Landlord.” The new video, again starring Will Ferrell and 2-year-old Pearl McKay (daughter of director Adam McKay), is called “Good Cop, Baby Cop” and pits unrepentant triple murderer Ferrell against “loose cannon” interrogator Pearl.
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    The Best Line in David Chase’s Only Post-Finale Interview
  37. the best part
    Hollywood: Richard Russo Should Hang It Up
  38. the best part
    Six ‘Lost’ Theories We Hadn’t Considered Yet
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    ‘Blender’ Finds a New Boyfriend for Avril Lavigne. His Name Is Jack Daniels
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    Patton Oswalt Takes On the KFC Bucket
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    The Two Best Quotes From Peter Biskind’s ‘Vanity Fair’ Profile of Bruce Willis
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    Michael Ovitz, Chinese Aphorisms, and ‘Rent’
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    The Creepiest Quote We’ve Ever Heard About Julian Schnabel
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    Jack Valenti: Killed by ‘Grindhouse’?
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    ‘Frost/Nixon’ Writer Peter Morgan: ‘Big Baby’
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    ‘Spider-Man 3’: The $500 Million Movie?