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The Black List

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    The Best Movies You Can’t See (Yet)The 2018 Black List is a look inside the minds of Hollywood’s next great screenwriters. We turned five of their scripts into comics.
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    Is James Spader the Best Storyteller in Late-Night TV?This guy knows how to talk.
  3. the black list
    The 2017 Script Black List Has Been RevealedMore than 70 of the year’s hottest unproduced scripts.
  4. Blonde Ambition Will Live to Tell Madonna’s Origin Story at UniversalElyse Hollander’s screenplay was No. 1 on last year’s Black List.
  5. Damien Chazelle Sells Kidnap Thriller The Claim The film’s screenplay made the Black List in 2010.
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    5 Things to Know About Blonde Ambition, the Madonna Biopic ScriptBlonde Ambition topped this year’s Black List of the best unproduced screenplays.
  7. the black list
    Max Landis Is Pissed There’s a Black List Script About Him“The Untitled Lax Mandis Project”
  8. last night on late night
    National Treasure James Spader Fondly Recalls Pranking the Secret ServiceWhat happens at boarding school doesn’t stay at boarding school.
  9. Zach Braff to Direct Black List Script BumpHere’s hoping it’s just like a Shins song and will change your life.
  10. upfronts 2016
    Tip Your Fedora, Because The Blacklist Is Getting a Spinoff SeriesMore intrigue! More covert organizations!
  11. script stumbles
    What Happened to Will Ferrell As Ronald Reagan?The short answer: It wasn’t worth the trouble.
  12. the industry
    Costner NFL Dramedy Draft Day Back in PlayThe Ivan Reitman project was dead until it topped last year’s Black List.
  13. Leonardo DiCaprio Project Tops the Black ListIt’s a biopic of Alan Turing.
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    The Black List Is Launching a Subscription-Based Website’Blcklst’ doesn’t mean ‘block lust.’ It means ‘Black List.’
  15. the black list
    2010 Black List Topped by Karl Rove, Lee Atwater, and Shia LaBeoufAlso on the list: a Jackie Kennedy movie and the fall of Lehman Brothers.
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    Disney Planning a Jim Henson BiopicThe script topped last year’s “Black List” of best unproduced screenplays.
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    The 2009 Black List Topped by Jim Henson BiopicAnd there’s one about foul-mouthed pets.
  18. news reel
    The Black List 2008: The Full ListToday saw the release of the annual Black List, a list of the year’s best-liked, not-yet-produced screenplays — and Vulture has it first!