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The Bling Ring

  1. book report
    10 Fun Bling Ring Tidbits You Will Not Learn From the MovieWe read the book, so you don’t have to.
  2. ask the expert
    Did the Bling Ring Make Celebrities Less Clueless About Home Security?Paris Hilton can’t possibly leave a spare key under her doormat anymore, right?
  3. vulture reads
    Your Sunday Long Reads: Kanye and QuestloveAnother excuse to stay indoors.
  4. movie review
    Movie Review: The Bling RingEmma Watson stars in this true story of a group of L.A. teens who broke into celebrity mansions.
  5. where are they now
    The Real Bling Ring: Where Are Those Crazy Hollywood Thieves Now? Remember the actual bad kids (and adults!) who inspired the film? No? Here you go.
  6. chat room
    Claire Julien on The Bling Ring, Gavin Rossdale, and Rapping in Cars“I didn’t exactly know who he was until afterwards.”
  7. suggestions
    Mean-Girl Music: 5 Songs to Replace Sleigh BellsWe need a new bad-girl music cue.
  8. pretty wild
    The Reality Show That Inspired The Bling RingWho exactly is Emma Watson doing an impression of? Meet Alexis Neiers.
  9. remember when?
    What Did Celebrity Look Like During the Bling Ring Years?Close your eyes and imagine a People cover from mid-2009. We’ll help …
  10. cannes 2013
    The Bling Ring’s Missing Nicole Richie Tweet Sofia Coppola reveals the title-page tweet that originally preceded the script.
  11. cannes 2013
    Cannes: Paris Hilton Cried While Watching The Bling Ring“It’s so violating.”
  12. cannes 2013
    Cannes: Hogwarts Would Have Expelled The Bling Ring’s Emma WatsonShe’s tramp-stamped and pole dancing in Sofia Coppola’s buzzy film.
  13. cannes 2013
    Vulture’s 10 Most Anticipated Films at CannesGosling! Swinton! Timberlake!
  14. summer movie preview
    An Infographic Guide to This Summer’s MoviesIron Man 3, The Hangover IIIThe Bling RingSmurfs 2 (?), and more in graph form.
  15. trailer mix
    Full Bling Ring Trailer: Time for Your AdderallThis looks great.
  16. cannes film festival 2013
    Coen Brothers, Alexander Payne, Steven Soderbergh Among Cannes CompetitorsSofia Coppola and James Franco face off in the undercard competition.
  17. humble faces
    Is Emma Watson the Anti–Taylor Swift at Awards Shows?The art of appearing humble, even when it doesn’t matter.
  18. trailer mix
    Bling Ring Teaser: ‘Let’s Go Shopping’Yes, let’s.
  19. save the date
    Sofia Coppola’s Bling Ring Will Be Out in JuneFinally!
  20. the bling ring
    Emma Watson in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling RingShe left Brown for this?
  21. emma watson
    See Emma Watson in Character for Sofia Coppola’s The Bling RingHer name is Nicki.
  22. crime
    Has Sofia Coppola Compromised the Bling Ring Case?A detective she hired may now have his testimony questioned.
  23. twitter
    Sofia Coppola Movie to Open With Quote From Nicole Richie’s TwitterPerfect.
  24. casting
    Taissa Farmiga Joins Emma Watson in Bling RingYou may know her better as Violet from American Horror Story.
  25. casting
    Emma Watson Joins Sofia Coppola’s Bling RingOooh, good casting.