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The Blueprint 3

  1. tour dates
    Jay-Z Announces the Second Leg of His Blueprint 3 TourAnd he’s bringing Young Jeezy along for the ride to open for him.
  2. the block is hot
    We Check Out Jay-Z’s Old ‘Stash Spot’560 State Street: A Vulture investigation.
  3. chat room
    The Blueprint 3’s Mr Hudson on His Upcoming Album and Basketball With Kanye“Kanye ran into the basketball pole at one point, head first. That was a serious injury.”
  4. leak of the week
    Leaked: Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Not So Bad After AllIt’s at least as good as ‘American Gangster.’
  5. jay-z
    Why Are the Leaked Blueprint 3 Songs Getting Worse?We can’t help but notice that each new track leaked from Jay-Z’s upcoming ‘Blueprint 3’ has been worse than the one that preceded it
  6. jay-z
    Guests on Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 to Include Everybody But MGMTGood news for almost everybody!
  7. jay-z
    Jay-Z Under New MGMTJay-Z’s upcoming ‘Blueprint 3’ will feature a collaboration with MGMT.
  8. jay-z
    Finally: New Jay-Z in September’The Blueprint 3’ will be out on September 11.
  9. countdown
    Who’s Ready for Another Secret Jay-Z Album?There’s a new Jay-Z song!