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The Book Of Henry

  1. social media
    A Conversation About Naomi Watts’s Instagram, the Summer’s Best FeedYou’re welcome.
  2. auteur theory
    Colin Trevorrow Insists He’s Great for Star Wars Despite Book of Henry CriticismLet ’em speak.
  3. ouch
    Colin Trevorrow Is Pretty Sad About Those ‘Heartbreaking’ Book of Henry ReviewsThe Star Wars: Episode IX director is trying to keep things in perspective.
  4. the book of ennui
    Could The Book of Henry Really Get Colin Trevorrow Kicked Off Star Wars?The director can relax: He’s probably safe.
  5. movie review
    Review: The Book of Henry Is Terribly Unlike Any Other Terrible Film You’ve SeenThis movie isn’t just bad – it’s nonfunctional.
  6. gap years
    Why Did These Three Directors Make the Same Movie?Movies like Gifted, The Book of Henry, and A Monster Calls are starting to feel a little familiar.