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The Book Of Mormon

  1. Andrew Rannells Is Happy to Play Gay Men (As Long As They’re Not Too Relatable)On the eve of the Girls finale, the actor recounts his audition horror stories, the anal-sex tutorial he led on set, and the roles he’s being offered.
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    Trey Parker and Matt Stone Start Production CompanyThe Book of Mormon movie is on the horizon.
  3. graceful exits
    Josh Gad, Andrew Rannells Done at Book of MormonToday is Gad’s last day.
  4. Scott Rudin Has the EGOT!Hooray!
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    Book of Mormon Writer Robert Lopez on South Park, Cynicism, and Cirque du Soleil“It’s kind of like ‘Cats,’ but with a story.”
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    A Free Book of Mormon Show Preaches the Gospel to Previously Shut-Out Fans“It’s like a ‘Star Wars’ premiere,” said co-star Josh Gad, marveling at the huge line of hopefuls.
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    Vulture’s Behind-the-Scenes Timeline of the Tonys (and the After-Parties)Who had potty mouths, and who was making out?
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    Was Last Night’s South Park a Sign That the End of the Show Is Nigh?Could the show be growing a heart?
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    Listen to the Opening Number From The Book of MormonEnjoy.
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    Watch The Book of Mormon’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone Discuss Just How to Find a Rhyme for ‘Scrotum’We sat down for a video interview with the dependably crass ‘Book of Mormon’ writers.
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    Jimmy Fallon Unearthed Trey Parker’s Secret Balladeer Past“A collection of love ballads for the 80’s man.”
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    As Theater Critic, Jon Stewart Is the New Glenn BeckBetween Jon Stewart’s endorsement for ‘Book of Mormon’ and Glenn Beck’s for ‘Spider-Man,’ I find myself wondering if professional commercial theater needs to start courting the new tastemakers more aggressively.
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    The Problem With Xtreme TheaterAre today’s plays too dark? Or not dark enough?
  14. stage dive
    Stage Dive: Trey Parker and Matt Stone Bring Back … Sincerity?They say ‘The Book of Mormon’ isn’t a parody of musicals. Thank God.
  15. Parker and Stone’s Broadway Musical: ‘the filthiest, most offensive, and […]Vogue got a sneak peek at the upcoming Broadway musical The Book of Mormon, written by Trey Marker and Matt Stone, and they very much enjoyed […]