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The Book Thief

  1. movie review
    Ebiri on The Book Thief: Nazis, Stories, and a Chatty Grim ReaperDeath narrates this film about a young girl living with a German couple during World War II.
  2. chat room
    Geoffrey Rush on The Book Thief, Magic Tricks, and Nazi Movies“The other thing is seeing the swastika — talk about a logo!”
  3. party chat
    Geoffrey Rush Helped His Kid Co-Star Steal Books“Hey, I’m just trying to get into character here! You can’t arrest me! I’m making a movie!”
  4. trailer mix
    The Book Thief Trailer: Geoffrey’s Rushing to Hide a Jew From the Nazis An adaptation of the New York Times best seller.
  5. Downton Abbey Director Brian Percival Lands The Book Thief FilmIt’s a WWII tale about a girl forced to steal books to get by.