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The Butler

  1. lee daniels
    Some Lee Daniels News: Lee Daniels Is Writing a Musical About Lee DanielsGet excited for Lee Daniels’s Lee Daniels musical.
  2. ah memories
    An A-to-Z Guide to What We Learned at This Summer’s MoviesSummer is dead. Long live summer movies!
  3. quotables
    The Butler Made Obama Cry a Little“I did tear up.”
  4. fashion
    The Story Behind the 8 Most Fabulous Looks in The ButlerIncluding those amazing matching jumpsuits that Oprah and Forest Whitaker wear.
  5. weekend box office
    The Butler Sweeps the Weekend Box OfficeWith some help from Oprah.
  6. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Oprah Slapped Andy CohenIn a roundup of Oprah’s wackiest moments on Watch What Happens Live.
  7. movie review
    Edelstein: The Butler Is Crudely Powerful Forest Whitaker stars as the title character, who observes history from the White House sidelines.
  8. last night on late night
    It Was Jimmy Kimmel’s Show, But Oprah Decided to Give Away a Car AnywayWith her O.C.G. Obsessive Compulsive Gifting.
  9. party chat
    Nelsan Ellis Gets Confused by True Blood Too“Last season was a bit schizophrenic, with like fifteen story lines.”
  10. party chat
    James Marsden on The Butler, X-Men Rumors“No, no X-Men, unfortunately.”
  11. party chat
    Oprah Wouldn’t Strip Down for The ButlerAnd other things we learned at a panel discussion for the movie last night.
  12. of beef and silliness
    The Butler Is Allowed to Be Called Lee Daniels’ The ButlerThis back-and-forth doesn’t stop being silly.
  13. beef
    The Butler Has to Pick a New Title for an Insane ReasonWarner Bros. used that title for a short film in 1916, so …
  14. cannes 2013
    Could 2013 See Three Black Best Actor Nominees?At Cannes, the Oscar-savvy Weinstein showcased three compelling trailers starring Forest Whitaker, Idris Elba, and Michael B. Jordan.
  15. trailer mix
    Watch the First Trailer for Lee Daniels’s The ButlerFeaturing a whole bunch of important people … but mostly Oprah.
  16. chat room
    Lee Daniels on The Paperboy, Nicole, and Zac“I felt like Nicole had given me everything — she’d spread her legs, she’d f**kin’ peed on Zac.”
  17. the butler
    See Oprah Winfrey on the Set of The ButlerOprah serves up some Cruella de Vil realness.
  18. casting
    True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis to Play Martin Luther King Jr.In The Butler.
  19. casting
    Mariah Carey Is Joining The ButlerFinally.
  20. soundtracking
    Quincy Jones Will Write The Butler’s ScoreThe starry White House film from Lee Daniels.
  21. casting
    Robin Williams to Play Eisenhower in The ButlerThe new Lee Daniels film.
  22. casting
    Lee Daniels Adds Alex Pettyfer to The ButlerPettyfer originally was pursued for Zac Efron’s notorious role in The Paperboy.
  23. casting
    Matthew McConaughey Won’t Play JFK in The ButlerHe’s dropped out of the Lee Daniels film.
  24. casting couch
    Minka Kelly Cast As Jackie KennedyIn Lee Daniels’s The Butler.
  25. casting
    Alan Rickman to Play Ronald ReaganIn the new Lee Daniels film, which Matthew McConaughey is also joining.
  26. party chat
    John Cusack Talks Playing Richard Nixon In Lee Daniels’s The Butler“I’m really interested in history and politics … I’ll have a good take on it.”
  27. casting
    Jane Fonda to Play Nancy ReaganIn the next Lee Daniels movie.
  28. casting
    Lee Daniels Picks His Butler: Forest WhitakerOprah Winfrey may join the movie, too.