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The C Word

  1. beefs
    Did Azealia Banks’s Latest Twitter Fight Go Too Far?A spat with Angel Haze ended in the use of a gay slur to describe Perez Hilton.
  2. the c word
    Big Ratings for Big CLaura Linney’s ‘The Big C’ scored Showtime its biggest ratings for a series premiere in 8 years.
  3. the c word
    Truth-Telling on Last Night’s The Big CLaura Linney explains you can’t be fat and mean.
  4. trailer mix
    The Big C Trailer: Laura Linney Takes the Road Less TraveledSeems unrealistic to us.
  5. the industry
    Jessica Biel to Have Lots of SexPlus: Idris Elba! Oliver Platt! And more ‘Chuck’!
  6. the industry
    Rob Zombie to Bring Back The BlobPlus: Robin Williams! Helen Mirren! Maggie Grace!