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The Celebrity Economy

  1. the celebrity economy
    How Much Does an A-list Actor Make … and Spend?We have the complete breakdown of all the cash spent in one year by one major star.
  2. the celebrity economy
    Celebrities Will Sell Most Anything, As Long As It’s Not HereLet’s watch Clooney, Aniston, Pitt, DiCaprio, Snoop, Julia, and many more cash in across the ocean.
  3. the celebrity economy
    How Much Does a Mega-Producer Make…and Spend?We’ve got one mover and shaker’s annual budget, and there are many many zeros.
  4. the celebrity economy
    How Much Can a Celebrity Make for Tweeting?Snoop Dogg can fetch $8,000 a tweet.
  5. How Celebrities Get Almost Everything for FreeThe average red-carpet walker gets about $100,000 worth of freebies a year.